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  1. Thanks for the reply, I will be sending off an email tonight to Dr T and will be seeing my surgeon for the 12m check up. When I'm there I will discuss the need for a revision and lift but basically for my own knowledge. I will also be grabbing my patient profile so I can send it on to the surgeons I am hoping to consult with. It it just sucks because if I knew I would have needed this I would have paid the extra money and gone elsewhere. But Dr R made out as if he knew what he was doing. He scored the breast tissue already I believe.
  2. Hey ladies it's been a while since I've been on the forum, kind of swore it off while healing haha. Anyway, at my 6 month check up or whatever it was I was met with very little to no care factor that my boobs had sagged and the outcome was shyt... thanks Dr R you legend! Fast forward another 6 months and I live in sports bras and never go bra less unless it's to be. Kinda not the point of getting them but that's cool. Anyway, I wanted to start looking to who does the best lifts (in your opinion) happy to travel to Sydney/Melbourne from Brisbane. Stats are: 560cc HP under muscle round textured implants I was (probably still am) tuberous and needed corrective surgery, however Dr R said I would get the "same result if not similar" by just chucking an implant up there. I was OK to get the mastopexy surgery done but like everyone is, I was concerned with scars. I said to him though that if that was going to get me the best result I would happily go down that path. Ive ended up with a natural looking 35 year olds after kids set of boobs for my money... hooray! (PS: I'm not 25 til July) If you have images of having a BA then having a lift performed I would love to see them. Otherwise any BL advice is appreciated! Thanks in advance. Rhi x
  3. 4.5 months which I think is too early to deem something as a revision issue, but the nurse said if there's no change by 6 months... We would be looking at surgery. I have really tight pecs and have been massaging aggressively every day like he's told me too
  4. Hey ladies! I went in for a check up (on going issues about implants not dropping/doing what they're supposed too/bit of pain) and saw Dr Rs nurse Annika, she confirmed by concerns that my implants were still sitting quite high and have not changed since being told to massage at 8weeks PO. Annika let me know that if they don't come down to where they should be in the next two months, I may be looking at revision. Can an anyone tell me what they do if the implants don't drop? Do they just pull them down to where they should be? Is the recovery the same as when I first got it done? What causes the implant to stay up there? I was cleared for "normal" gym. I even confirmed that I could do chest exercises and got the okay 6 weeks later I had to stop because you could see that the implant had gone back up! Ever so slightly but enough to notice it dropped down back to where it was and has since stayed there. I'm still not crazy about the overall shape of them but if the implant actually came down to where it needs to be I'd have decent looking natural boobs (not what I wanted but hey, choose your battles right?) because the implant is being retained (for lack of a better word), I don't have much "underboob" and therefore my nipples kind of look like they're pointing down a bit. When I lay on my back, they are the perfect round, fake shape I love... I know one day I'll get them redone by Dr T, Dr M or Dr Dona... The best of the best really, to help me get closer to the look I wanted. Anyway, I know this whole process takes time but I just want to be prepared for my next appt to ask the right questions.
  5. Hey, my wound opened up a day or so after I saw the nurse and she cut some stitches that were poking out. I went back in and they said to keep it clean and covered and it healed up eventually. With the other people... Who knows? I know one girl is very attentive and thought something was wrong for a few days, then when she went in to the office and they removed the dressing it was a massive break down. To my knowledge the person got it redressed by the nurses/Dr R and went home. Accidents happen but it's concerning when it comes to wound break downs. I had my 9 week check and he's happy with how they're going but they're still sitting quiet high so I have to massage twice a day for the next two or so months
  6. Hey i had my surgery March 11th and had 560cc HP unders. Safe to say it was taken me until Saturday morning just gone to even like what was done. Because I was mildly tuberous, I had no lower pole. It's slowly coming but my boobs looked horrendous prior. I looked at my pre op images and I have come a long way, what I keep telling myself is because I didn't have "normal" boobs, I wouldn't get "normal" results. Ie: the fake look I wanted. But anything is better than nothing! The only thing I can fault Dr R on is his after care. He's just too busy to make you feel like he cares. One of my incisions started to open up... He had a quick glance and said "it will be fine" and left the room. With that, I was so disappointed. I have also been in contact with other girls who haven't had great after care and they're having serious wound break down issues. Hes a great surgeon and does his job well, but he just needs to slow down and remember girls are people too. Not just cash cows. Good luck with your surgery!
  7. I was a small C pre op had 560cc HP unders on March 11 got sized as a 14D-DD (or 12 DD- E) i wanted to be looking like I was an E minimum but wearing an F or more
  8. I had my surgery with Dr R in March. Just be prepared that he isn't warm, or friendly. He's very businesslike and serious. He will ask you what looks you want, what size bra you want to wear, whether you want under or over etc. i got 560cc HP unders. He usually does unders and not often does them that large. I really pushed for a big size because I wanted big boobs. I was also mildly tuberous. If I wasn't, I would have pushed for more cc and xhp for my desired look I wrote down a whole page of questions but he answered most of those as he spoke good luck!
  9. Hey Harper, I'm sorry to hear they aren't perfect but as long as you're happy with them and aware of future surgeries, that's all you can hope for. I already know who I want to do my revision, because I do want to go bigger and am prepared to undergo a mastopexy. The herniation of my nipples is a bit more noticeable now than what it was pre surgery. Hope you continue to heal well and they even up a bit more with time x
  10. This thread has been a little quiet. I went offline and away from anything to do with BA because I had an overwhelming sense of disappointment. Disappointed at my results. The size. The shape etc but I've come to realise that ANYTHING is better than I what I originally had so I'm happy. I'm 8 weeks post op and this morning was the first morning I have woken up and said, I like them. Im hoping that everyone else is healing well and happy with their results x
  11. I put on about 6kgs post op! But now I'm sitting at roughly 1.5 extra on top of what I weighed going in so that's just boob! I have been away camping since Friday morning and returned home exhausted yesterday evening so spent some time catching up on the forum! Glad to hear everyone is healing well and happy with their results so far!
  12. I'm still really bloated! It's so frustrating! I guess just keep active and just try to drink a lot of lemon water. My grandma swears by this ?
  13. I was drinking pear juice by the litre, taking Max coloxyl and even started using a natural laxative that my grandparents gave me, it took me two days after stopping pain meds to go... And I would get about thirty seconds of crippling gut pain (body cue to get to the toilet) before having to go. It was horrendous. I'm still not regular as it is! So annoying! Hope everything goes smoothly for you ☺️
  14. Have any other ladies had a BA where you didn't have much lower pole pre surgery? Did that lower pole happen once the D&F process started?
  15. Congrats! Hope your recovery is going well! this face looks familiar! I think you're on the same fb group as I am! Hope all is going well! Has anyone got tips as to side sleeping? I physically cannot do it, it's so painful! I've tried putting a pillow under my chest, no pillow, sleeping on my arm, slightly turned to my side etc. I have always been a side sleeper but now I just can't get comfortable. I'm better on the couch than I am in the bed (slept in the bed twice now and it's been horrible each time). Im two weeks post op tomorrow ?
  16. Thanks for all the responses ladies! Unfortunately I posted a selfie of my partner and I in recovery (no caption mentioning the surgery, just that he was a champion) and one of my friends let slip... So now everyone knows... My my dad and my aunt have been the most surprising. They have been SO supportive about it all!
  17. I do ☺️ I'll upload more recent pics. They're uneven at the moment which is doing my head in. It's not that noticeable but it is to me
  18. Trying not the feel frustrated with my body. Right is dropping and looking okay, slowly filling out side boob and eventually lower pole hopefully. Left is still sitting high and on some days looks like the "prettier" one. The conpression bra isn't bad to wear, it's pretty heavy duty! I woke up this morning and had to unclip it just to have some relief! How is everyone else?
  19. Sounds like you had a great experience only thing I can fault is that curvy text! I struggled to read it! Good luck with your surgery
  20. Hey! I could have applied for the rebate but it would have meant the surgeon would have had to to the surgery through my nipple and I didn't want that if I didn't need it. I had a straight forward augmentation but he's released my lower breast tissue (think of cutting a mango) so that they eventually look "normal" heres a pic from today ☺️ I'm still really struggling with bloating ?
  21. Everyone is looking so awesome. I hope recovery is going smoothly! I'm six days PO and stopping pain meds. I haven't had a "proper" bowel movement (had little half hearted ones) since pre surgery... So off to the chemist later today. Im not sure how I feel about my boobs, most of you look amazing from day one and I'm learning to love mine... I'll put a pic below... They're looking better everyday, and they're much better than what I had! I just want lower pole to start happening ? Good luck with surgery today girls! All will be fine!
  22. Choose whichever way you will be more comfortable with. I asked which will give me better results and he said I will get similar results with either
  23. Hey! Yeah I just had the augmentation with no lift. My surgeon said I wouldn't require one just yet as I was very mild.
  24. You look fantastic! Don't over do it and don't forget to rest ☺️ I've heard from you ? I'm glad you're awake and doing well! Let us know what size he went ?
  25. If you FR me, you can see my images. I would possibly have a consult with a surgeon in Australia to hear their thoughts... I always knew something wasn't "right" with my boobs and it was actually an old friend (old meaning, no longer friends) that told me that she had this condition. I used Dr Google and was 99% sure I had it, but not as extreme as most girls on there or even that said friend. I know they class them as different levels or classes but I don't know to what extent makes you move into a different category. Sorry im not much help ?
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