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    330cc moderate profile, textured, tear drop implants. Placed over the muscle. Nipple lift with areola reduction. Correction of mild tuberous breast.
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    Dr. Veerawat. Phuket March 2017.
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    165cm / 64kg / 12B pre op 12E post op.

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  1. Hi Jane just interested to see what prices you have been quoted ? Just ts expression of interest x
  2. I've requested to follow you on insta. haven't started a boob account yet :/
  3. I think you are correct I was just confused reading into doughnut light. I feel like I don't need s lift but that's what I've been told. It's just so confusing !!
  4. oh yes, I'm following now more that I'm doing research on it all yours look great, cant wait for mine.
  5. in that sense, yes I should waste everyones time with consultations hahaha Cool! I think that what have been what my consultation said. With doughnut incision? is that the same thing, just another name?
  6. Thank you so much for your insight. I have emailed cosmeditour as I spoke to them last year about my findings, but I also feel bad contacting other surgeons and wasting time in a sense haha. I had a look at your pictures. 1. they look so good!! 2. what surgery did you have?
  7. I think ours are very similar from pictures. You only had augmentation, no lift etc? thanks rhiannon
  8. Is there anywhere I would be able to compare what is classed as "mild" tuberous breasts. I have had 2 consultations. 1st through cosmeditour from a Phuket surgeon. The 2nd was also Phuket but I visited them on my recent holiday to get a second opinion face to face. He told me I was able to have just augmentation and doing it this way would just mean 6 months before i would start to have better results. He also said that i can have a doughnut lift to move my nipple but that is far more costly and is just more instant results. has anyone else had this info? and what was your opinion? I
  9. Hi all, this is my first time using the forums ! So I've been doing a lot of research online and I'm ultimately interested in getting my BA done in Phuket. Ive been speaking to a friend who went direct to PIAC for her BA but she recommended Restored Beauty Getaways.. Ive also come across Cosmeditours online as well. I just want to know of people's experiences with either (good and bad) of these companies -before and after the surgery. And then general information about the surgery experience. Also the doctor you had. Thank you.
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