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    MMO Booked in for 24th October 2016!!!

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    Breast Lift, Breast Enlargement 560cc & Tummy tuck
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    Dr Zion Chan, 24th October 2016
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    Currently 165cm, 70kg, deflated 14B

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  1. Hi, everyone I'm getting a tattoo under my new boobs (560cc) and I'm 95% decided on my tattoo but thought I would see if anyone else has pics that they could share before I get it done. It'a a bow that says like is what you make it (pic added) Also I'm 7 weeks po and my boobs are really soft on top but harder underneath, is this normal? I like them better when they were really firm lol
  2. I had mine re pierced last week, 7 weeks post op and my surgeon said it was fine ?
  3. Oh *****! I'm getting 560cc on Monday and I'm a saggy b cup, I told my surgeon I wanted to be a DD but thinking I'm going to be more an E ? I do hope this is the same for me! I've had 2 c sections so hoping I manage with the pain
  4. How exciting!!! I've got 3 weeks to go ? Mummy makeover with BL, BA AND TT on 24th October. Currently a saggy deflated 12B, 165cm, getting 560cc dual plane. Dr Zion Chan Sydney
  5. Thank you so much Bearynice!! When did you have your surgery?
  6. Hi ladies! Please help, what do I need to buy in terms of clothing for a mummy makeover? Breast lift, Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck & Lipo. Best undies, bra with zip, tummy garment etc want comfortable options and where to buy if possible. Any suggestions for hospital bag would be awesome, I'm only staying one night.
  7. Hey! I still haven't had my surgery lol Was supposed to get them in May but had to postpone and now my Mummy makeover in one month!!
  8. Me! I'm getting Mummy makeover on 24th October
  9. I'm booked in with Dr Zion Chan is Sydney. Will be very nervous as it gets closer but very excited ?
  10. I'm a deflated 14B from breastfeeding and im getting hp 560cc with a lift, hope their not too big lol booked in on 30th may ?
  11. how did you find the pain pump? I'm getting it in May for my mummy makeover ? Pain is freaking me out a little lol
  12. Im having Mummy makeover on 30th May but also have a lift with implants ?
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