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  1. Thanks so much ladies, the support really helps! Lobs47, I have also had a few bra less days...Amazing!! I never thought I would be able to do that! Jalvan, what a great idea, cutting the tags off! It really is just a letter, and I am so pleased with the changes, I think I just felt that being DD would just mean I fall into big bust category! Hoping a shopping trip on the weekend will cheer me right up
  2. So, I think I have come down from the post surgery buzz and after fighting off an infection I am almost fully healed. I had my BR in Bangkok with Dr Rungkit and I have absolutely loved the results. I am really enjoying wearing new clothes and checking myself out BUT... I have not yet tried on any new bras yet, I am still wearing my compression bra. Last night I decided to try on some old bras I bought without trying on that were always too small for me and they are DD. They fit perfectly. Pre surgery I discussed my desires with my surgeon and he told me he could make me a C cup. I was really shocked by fitting into the DD last night and have had a little moment of thinking 'oh my god, all that money & I am two sizes larger than I wanted to be!" I am still a tiny bit swollen but I really don't think I will get much smaller than a D. At this point I am trying to tell myself that these feelings are all in my head and that its all about the bra size, because I am pretty happy with the look. Also, my fiancé works in the mines and was on night shift last night so I felt very alone when I tried the bra on and had my emotional moment. Anyone else feel a little down about this kind of thing? How do I get past this?
  3. I had a BR with Dr Rungkit at Piyavate in Bangkok. All I can say is that he is an amazing surgeon. I spoke to a few girls other there who had a BA with him and they were just as happy. He was lovely and gentle and completely understood exactly what I wanted and gave me an even better result than I expected! The nurses at the hospital and at the TRIA department were amazing! The whole TRIA department feels like you are in a day spa! I am trying to find another procedure I might need so I can go back !!
  4. I am a fake tan fanatic and thought I would die without tan but honestly its the last thing on your mind! I took the dove tanning moisturiser with me whilst I was over there so I didn't feel completely white!! I got my nails done a few days later (super cheap!) and felt as good as new in no time
  5. I got my insurance through Global Protective Solutions. If you email bsimons@customassurance.com he will give you a quote etc. Although my surgeon offered me a surgical guarantee for corrections my concern was that I would have to somehow prove that the complication was from surgery and not some my own post care so I thought I would be much more comfortable with the comfort over the insurance
  6. Just ask if you can go without one in your consultation My BR took over three hours and I didn't have one and was able to get up to go to the toilet pretty much straight away Not sure which hospital your at (I was at Piyavate, Bangkok) but the nurses are really flexible with what you need
  7. I went with Medimakeovers but I am unsure about the CC cover as I had a BR. Having said that I took out medical tourism insurance with Global Protective Solutions who do cover CC and fly back cover. I am under the impression that no medical tourism agency would cover CC therefore medical tourism insurance is a great alternative Mine cost about $400
  8. Hi Jazziegirl, I agree with the others that you should stick with the surgeon you had your heart set on but I would love to share my experience in Bangkok! I had a breast reduction with Dr Rungkit at Piyavate hospital in Bangkok through Medimakeovers and it was the most amazing experience. Dr Rungkit was absolutely fantastic and I have spoken to many other girls who have had a similar experience to me. My result by far exceeded my expectations! I am not entirely sure why Phuket seems to be the preference because my experience was amazing! In regard to the surgical guarantee, what exactly does PIAC offer? My surgeon garuntees to rectify any surgical complication at fault of the surgeon and I spend $380 on medical tourism insurance that covered absolutely everything (including CC for those having a BA). All the best with your decision, trust your instincts, you won't regret it!
  9. I flew with Qantas for my surgery and they were fantastic! I just kept checking the flights until they were on sale and then booked them. I would recommend a night time flight back to Aus so you can take a sleeping pill and just sleep through in case you are uncomfortable! That was my plan until there was a drunk man yelling on my flight back who took sleeping tablets with whisky and caused our flight to be diverted!! (Total bridesmaids moment but not as funny!) I noticed a few people recommending Air Asia, I have flown with them for another trip and they are a reasonable airline although you have to ensure you buy all your meals online first. Just keep in mind the stop over times if the flight stops in KL. We had a 6 hour and 8 hour stop over in the low cost carrier terminal in KL on our way to Macau and I hated it! It was like a shed with some shops in it and 8 hours was a looong time! (last time my fiancé was allowed to book flights!). All the best! I am 3 weeks post op and returned just over a week ago and would go again 100 times!!
  10. I gained a few kgs after eating terribly (seriously bad, burgers, tacos, pizza!!) in Thailand and I had a breast reduction! Each time I went to hospital to be weighed I had put on weight but I had also just eaten breakfast! When I got back to Australia I weighed myself in the morning before eating anything and actually weighed the same as I did before I left to the gram! I am now three weeks post op and have not yet started exercising but have lost 700g (which is HUGE for me). Just relax, enjoy your time away and get back into the clean eating when you get back and will loose weight as your body will have a little shock Its amazing how quickly it can come off as soon as you go back to clean eating!
  11. Hey everyone, Thought I might just post a little thread re my surgeon as I know when I was assigned Dr Rungkit i struggled to find any feedback so hopefully I can give some insight for someone else. This surgeon is AMAZING! I went into surgery a 10E with very heavy breasts that have caused me incredible back pain for as long as I can remember. At the age of 25 I was feeling so much older with the sag I had due to the weight of my breasts! I asked Dr Rungkit for a C cup and he said he could do that for me, at this point (5 days post op) I am still quite swollen so I really don't know what size I will be for a while until the swelling goes down. But having said that I could not care less what bra size I end up in (although knowing I am currently in a medium compression bra is very encouraging for me) Dr Rungkit has given me the body I have wanted for so long! I was not expecting a significant lift as part of my reduction but they are sitting so high and are so tight I look like I have implants and I am so excited to see them heal fully! I will try and workout how to upload photos to my profile! If anyone is looking for a surgeon in Bangkok I would highly recommend Dr Rungkit, my journey has been so fantastic so far. Feel free to inbox me any questions if you need more info
  12. I totally didn't think of this what a good point! Luckily my fiance sleeps like a log and would not wake up if the house was on fire! I'm pretty sure my booking said our hotel room had a king size bed which is essential when you sleep with a 6 foot 4 basketballer! Good luck Rachael, hopefully you sleep beautifully and won't need to worry about waking him
  13. The hospital I am going to (Piyavate, Bangkok) don't take travel cards as they have had issues with them not working in the past. I got a 28 degrees card for the surgery. Remember to contact the bank to let them know you will be using a large amount on your credit card overseas in advance so they don't cancel it on fraud suspicion!
  14. Thanks very much everyone! Have been drinking plenty of water today and warm water with lemon and honey! Am going to try and work from home as much as I can and have very early nights I'm going to stay positive and will myself better
  15. I can't believe I am getting sick 6 days before I fly to Bangkok for my very long awaited BR! At the moment my throat is a little bit sore and my nose it a bit snuffly! I am hoping if I can nip it in the bud today before it gets any worse! I have to work as I am a child care centre director and have sooo much to do before I leave but have told all my staff to leave me alone (very politely) today. Shutting my office door and drinking lots of lemon tea and drinking water at the moment. Any other tips for a natural cold cure? Surgeon has instructed no pain killers, supplements or vitamins two weeks prior to surgery. HELP!
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