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  1. wow! READNG THIS I just felt like I was transported back to 1955. Hey I dress how I want to when I want to! Women can dress how they want to ! I don't put clothes on everyday to HOOK A GOOD MAN or otherwise! this was the most backward patriachal nonsense I have ever read! WE ALL KNOW THE MOUSY girl with the GOOD HUSBAND who is actually a two faced lying cheat! WE ALL KNOW THE GLAMOURPUSS SHOWGIRL with the DOWN TO EARTH decent bloke! There are NO RULES do and wear what makes you feel good about yourself. END RANT.
  2. Hi! I am take the P one. It dissolves in hot or cold drinks... get on it!
  3. I got another 1ml this week at Ozskin in Chadstone. Their Lips to Love special is $399. It's just restylane. My emervel was wearing and on me it seems to wear on the bottom lip on one side more than the other so I look uneven. I still had some there though. Now, they look amazing! I am hoping this will last at least a month for a wedding I am attending. Something I wanted to tell you all about is for the past two weeks I have been taking Gelatin (Pure Collagen Hydrosolate) My skin is baby smooth allover! I am really hoping this helps with natural collagen production and extends the lifespan of my filler. I won't go on about it do you your own research. I found an Australian seller which is from grassfed beef.. www.gelatinhealth.com.au Seriously girls, do yourself a favour!
  4. it's because boobs have become 'getting your hair done' and whilst we can all live with a bad hair cut or dye job ..surgery is another thing all together but so many girls on here don't seem to have that 'common sense' they just want the cheapest they can get. I don't want to offend anyone but I haven't seen a TCI boob job that I have liked, I think they are mostly horrendous and look like they were done in a hurry with a one size fits all approach .. its as if the girl is getting off the operating table and going straight to the 'club'. YOU ARE PUTTING A FOREIGN OBJECT IN YOUR BODY you are having an OPERATION everytime you go into a hospital for an operation you ARE PUTTING YOUR LIFE AT RISK...dying for boobs is not worth it. And if you pay $6000 or whatever they charge and you don't like them in 12 months then what?
  5. some days..I think it has all gone...and then other days I think they look great..I am not sure but I think when I am eating well and drinking lots of water it helps..
  6. I had about 4ml of Emervel on July 15. With 1.3ML in my lips. I have attached pics. I have no lip colour in either pic for reference just paw paw. Yes, there has been some deflation. I personally think I need lip filler every 3 months. My lips eat it. It is an expensive addiction.
  7. you can judge a guy by who his friends are...and they sound like stupid bogans. You have no reason to accept them especially after racist jokes. Why the hell should you make an effort? I wouldn't. Why is it all on you? Why have they not come to your face and apologised for their racism? I wouldn't stay over. Your boyfriend needs to man up. He sounds like a Manchild.
  8. thank you I will investigate further
  9. Hi Ladies I have decided it is time for some moles and angionomas to be removed. One particular mole on my jawline I have been plucking hair out of for 20 years and it gets irritated and drives me nuts. I asked a GP about 10 years ago about removal and she was reluctant to help me. I have been googling a Laser therapy that cuts it out without bleeding and scarring. I have had basal cell carcinomas cut out (2 of them) by my local GP bulk billed. I have scars from both but they are not on my face so I dont care too much. There are various mole clinics in melbourne that will cut them out fairly cheaply. My questions are "Do I need to see a plastic surgeon? or Should I go to one of the beauty clinics that lasers them off?" If anyone else has had these things removed, please let me know!
  10. My face is great today. I too am interested to see the longevity. Because I got a lot done for a low price, I won't be too bothered but I am hoping it lasts well.
  11. Its sad but true. I am upfront so other women know that they too can fix things, its available to all of us. If an overweight person goes to the gym do we criticse them for wanting to lose the weight? If a mousy haired girl decides to be a blonde, do we mock her for bleaching her hair? If I spent $1000s on Creme de la Mer, would that be different? It really makes me angry. I had been wanting this filler since November last year but due to finances and me moving twice it just wasnt in my budget. Some women buy $600 shoes. I would rather inject that into my face
  12. Hi Everyone On wednesday night I allowed myself to be used a 'dummy' at a Cosmetic Clinic where I had about 4ml of "Emervel" at a very reduced price. As I was being used to train the Canula method. I am very happy with my results and had 1.3ml of filler in my lips. I am 40 but have aged well, the rest was in my cheeks and temple areas. Anyway, I went to work the next day and had some swelling (lips mostly). And one bruise. This I can live with and I really don't care what people think. I am very open about this topic and I had already said to the girls that sit around me, understand I might look swollen tomorrow! Anyway, there are a few older women at my work too that also sit near me and when I say old I mean just a few years older than me. Two girls in there early 20s were at my desk asking me about the fillers and the procedure and I was explaining the procedure and the areas of my face that were showing ageing when one of the older women said "I am going to have to ask you to take this converstaion elsewhere" I laughed as I thought she was joking. But she was not. It was like being in highschool and she dragged one of the other older women into the conversation for back up. She started saying that the other two girls I was talking to "were already beautiful and do not need it". I said "I never said they needed anything, I was only answering questions". I am not sure if anyone else has experienced this but I found it VERY rude. I mean if I came into work with a completely different haircut and colour would you be so rude as to comment out loud and ***** to other people about it? No, you would not. I have found the subject of fillers and botox really divides women. And the women who decide not to use it are very vicious to those that do. As if me using these products makes me a bad person or someone not to trust etc. I personally don't see it as anything different to the hair dying, plucking, tanning, lasering, false eyelashes, make up manicures etc etc etc that we all do at some time. She was very luck I did not attack her. I chose to ignore her even when I heard her ***** about me to another woman. I feel I am doing the right thing by owning up to it, rather than acting like its all natural.
  13. are you doing chest workouts? if so, stop. Completely. I don't really have an answer as mine dropped together evenly. Why does he not want you to massage? Massage is one of those varied opinions, some drs dont believe it does anything, some do.
  14. Yes, I paid $12,800 overnight stay seeing him the next morning 2 post up bras a 10 day check (from memory) a 6 months check and I am about to see him for my 12month paid extra for the stuff the hospital sends you home with, the endone, pain killers and antibiotics bought my own scar treatments, tried a few out...mine are ALMOST gone ( I do scar and take forever to heal from the slightest things)
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