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  1. I'm booked for 4th August in Bangkok, Dr Preeyaphas, 10....more....days.....!!!
  2. I'm having surgery at Theptarin Hospital 4th August and there until 10th August staying at Bangkok Makeovers apartments.
  3. Champix got me off smoking coupled with NLP.....3 weeks in I stopped smoking.
  4. August 4, Dr Preeyaphas Theptarin Hospital, 5 weeks and counting down!!!
  5. I'm booked with Dr Preeyaphas 4/8. He's supposed to be a master with larger implants but is in Bangkok. Cheaper than Phuket.
  6. I'm just having BA. I have mild tuberous breasts, A to small B cup. I'm very fit and have never really had boobs but can't wait to get them!!! It will make me relax about my overall size if I'm in proportion, sick of always struggling to be super thin to match my boobs, would rather chill a bit and get my boobs to match the rest of me
  7. Thankyou!!! I'm booked with Dr P August 4 so good to hear!!!! Would love to see pics when you are comfortable
  8. I had the same question just a few weeks back. Dr Poomee is a better surgeon but Dr Preeyaphas is supposed to be amazing too. I only ever found ONE bad review in the entire internet about Dr Preeyaphas and it was a lady that was fine until 2-3 years AFTER her surgery. I'm booked in 4th August with Dr Preeyaphas as he is about $2000 cheaper than Dr Poomee and I didn't see any real reason to spend that much more when Dr Preeyaphas has such excellent reviews. He also is supposed to be one of the more experienced when it comes to larger implants. I have some friends who went to Phuket and came back still tiny as the surgeons they saw weren't skilled enough to give them bigger implants. I'm a 10A-B wanting a DD at least.
  9. I'm booked in with Dr Preeyaphas August 4 Theptarin Hospital!
  10. I'm having surgery 4th August Bangkok Makeovers, Theptarin Hospital. Fingers crossed someone else will be there too!!
  11. Just exercise and diet! At least that is possible without surgery. Can't grow urself a rack on your own unfortunately!!!! Lol!!!
  12. Drat its so far away!!! I'm so hoping I come across someone also doing it in August. I'm booked for August 4!! I'm literally grinning from ear to ear knowing its just a matter of time before I can look in the mirror and feel in proportion. My figure is fine, I'm always receiving compliments, but at an A-B with mild tuberous, take the pushup bra off and its a disappointment.
  13. Thankyou!!! I have also decided on Dr P and am paying my booking fee with BM today So reassuring to hear you say that!!!! I did also feel confident in my choice but keep getting signs I made the right choice. My flights are booked and paid for! When are you booked in for?
  14. Look, we can give you all the advice in the world but you will only do what your fear allows you. You have to get strong. Make a list. Pros and cons. The cons usually outweigh the pros of staying. Kids and finances would be the only reason. Not enough if you ask me. Getting out of that relationship for me was the turning point in my life. Showing that kind of strength, making a decision like that for your happiness, closing the door on them, getting your power back, it made me realise I am capable of anything and I DO NOT need a man. My self worth SKYROCKETED!! I now pick and choose what men I wish to give time to and I don't need one. I bought a motorbike, bought my own place, am about to get a boob job, all of these amazing things after kicking my energy sucking ex out. These men do not change. My exes father was like this. They have this sense of entitlement, they believe it's our job to serve them. I once heard my exes father say that it was a womans JOB to have sex with her husband, just like the cooking and the ironing. Why did I stay? No self worth. You are EXPENSIVE. Start telling yourself that until you believe it.
  15. Oh wow this was my last relationship!!! You end up so MISERABLE because you're being taken advantage of!! The second I got out I realised how much he had made my life s**t and I was free again. Free to cook what I wanted to eat, NOT cook if I didn't want to, wash MY OWN clothes, not his 14 loads a week, go to the gym after work rather than have to skip it to get home and start dinner only to have him saunter through the door an hour later after doing his own gym session and a relax in the steam room and pool, then to sit down on the couch while I finished dinner and started the laundry! And THEN he would expect me to want to get into bed and suck his d**k and whinge he wasn't getting enough sex! Take break, they aren't as special as they make us think and we ARE NOT as screwed up as they make us think.
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