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  1. Gosh I was the same when I first started going to KL!! Actually thought they were going to eat my babies...lol and I was pregnant too, street food is yummy BUT make sure it's cooked in front of you and hot, Thai food would be great your missing out just make sure it's HOT I'd never chance anything sitting there!! omfg maccas would be gross after a day or 2 right .
  2. Yeah Dr Dona 13,500 Dr Lim closer to 19 both seem like great Drs have you decided yet?
  3. Yes Lolos I remember now, commented how my daughter had the biopsy etc at 21. I never got around to following it up though (your post) Did you get it biopsied?? My daughters such a cow she's missed her appointment and refusing to make another one, She says its smaller but when I felt it 2 days ago it ain't smaller, ggrrr kids!! So stubborn take care of you and keep getting checks xxxxx
  4. God mine are lumpy sacks now without implants!! Imagine once I get them. Is yours ok now Lolos?? Hope it was nothing to worry about xxxx
  5. Yeah a little bit but not by much really, I'm super fuzzed since the hysterectomy....lol and it hurts to but gets easier. So many places around here charge ridiculous prices but the place I go is an Indian salon have a look around your area for Indian shops they seem to be like $30 cheaper!
  6. Ohh Stalker , American horror story, The blacklist, The walking dead, Jane the Virgin , Orange is the new black and I love the Bridget Jones movies
  7. Oh poor thing!! I hear you!! Ever since my hysterectomy I feel like a yeti!! And it's blond too, I get threaded, not sure if your close to seven hills??? But threading place there is like ten dollars , poor thing sometimes being a woman is a pain in the ass!!
  8. With my son the test showed neg but it changed to a positive after a few hours!! So yep you can have negative negative just not a negative positive
  9. Oh Dukan is also fish and seafood but I dont eat that, your allowed fish salmon crab etc I just can't stomach seafood that's probably why I didnt mention it Good luck though with what ever you choose xxxxx
  10. Ohhhh I love big nips and areolas...am I strange...lol . I want mine to stay big when I get my lift and implants but not saucer size do they stretch bigger with implants??
  11. I done the Dukan diet and lost 40kgs but since having my knee op I have gained 10 so jumped back on it on Monday and have so far lost 3kgs, you have to LOVE protein to do it.... You can eat a whole cow a day if you like
  12. They look great GlitterGal especially in a singlet! Jealous much I think we are all too critical of ourselves .... They look fab xxxx
  13. Ive had about 7 now last week being my last and I have found with me each time I cope better yet my friend has had about the same and its harder for her to get woken up for some reason, not sure why. But im finding I'm not sleeping after ops now where as the first 4 I did. Sorry really not much help was I!!
  14. My children are half chinese half kiwi and take after their dad eye wise, Have to say I love the shape of their eyes but if they were to want anything like that or even their Aunties/cousins etc it wouldn't bother me. You have to be happy with you. No I dont think its turning away from your heritage Good luck with your choice xxx
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