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  1. Yeah I'm not to versed on Adelaide surgeons. However I will ask a gf of mine next time I see her as she got hers done in Adelaide Umm I am yet to have a consult as I am set on heading up to Sydney for them...so it's taking the step to book everything-which is TERRIFYING!! I think I just need to balls up and do it already haha!
  2. Thanks mummaboobs! That was super informative, and useful coming from someone in the health and fitness industry!
  3. Aw thanks hun! Agh, I think it's just such a scary thought! Haha it's great to hear your partner is supportive, at the end of the day I think if you are happy and confident within yourself then your partner will be happy for you also How exciting for you!! Which surgeon have you decided on? It's great to hear you've considered what service they provide. I'm not into the whole one size fits all either, because quite frankly how many of us women are exactly the same?? ...But that's my personal opinion and I'm just that option has worked for some. I've also considered not bothering if it will prevent me doing things physically (hence why I put up this post!) I hope that your second consult goes well - I've sent you a FR, hope you don't mind! :)
  4. Aww that's so awesome!! I think it's inevitable to have sons doubts about something so major. I'm really glad that you're happy about your decision and that it has given you a confidence boost Yay for boobies!
  5. Oh wow!! Thank you all so much for responding so quickly! It's certainly reassuring to hear that there are women who have wanted a similar look and have achieved it through different implant types/surgeons. It's also awesome to hear you guys have kept at your lifestyle, while also being sensible about it I love that!! I hope it's okay that I've sent you all a friend request! Another main concern is the fear that I'm going to 'ruin' my body for the sake of feeling a bit more confident... Although I wish my boobs were bigger so I felt more feminine, overall I'm happy with the shape them. I guess what I'm trying to ask is whether any of you were concerned that you were making a mistake? I'm not too sure if this may be a common fear among those with small(ish) boobs? If you weren't exactly flat chested beforehand but nor were you even close to a full B....did you ever have doubts about your procedure? Xx
  6. Hi ladies!! So a boob job is something that's been in the back of my mind since I was about 16 (and seriously for about a year and a half now, since joining this forum). I have two questions regarding implant type and post boob job fitness routine. I am 174cm and I believe about 64kg. I have always wanted a natural look due to my athletic shape and therefore have lent towards teardrop shape. HOWEVER, I do have worry that this will not give me much upper pole as I have very little tissue up there currently, while I have a nice amount at the bottom of my breasts. This is not to say I want the 'massive big tits' look (sorry for pigeon holing) but I am genuinely concerned that teardrops will end up dropping a lot and I will have regretted not going for a little more perkiness. Any advice from those of you who were or are in the same boat would be much appreciated! Or even advice from you body experts would go a long way! I have attached a photo for you to get an idea of my shape now🙊 Second question: fitness post boobies Currently I do a combination of reformer Pilates, yoga, weight lifting and pole fitness (and sometimes rock climbing). If there is anyone out there who loves the active lifestyle and had a boob job, how much did it change your routine? Were/are you unable to do push-up or pull-ups? Do you do pole dancing and do the new boobs effect you in any way? Ideally I would like to be able to do all of these at some point after my BA haha😅 but I have heard some surgeons recommended against them for at least 12 months! I have attached some embarrassing photos for you to get an idea of my overall body shape. Happy to take suggestions from your personal experience 😊 THANKYOU LADIES!! xx
  7. Pumpkin thankyou so much for your story I read every entry and am so glad that you are back into the running scene!! This is one of my concerns with recovering, trying to maintain some level of activity...aside from the general health issues also (obviously haha!) Have sent you a FR Can't wait to hear how you're travelling!!
  8. Such an amazing story! Thankyou so so much for sharing...I'm looking at Dr Tavakoli for a BA, however I'm from Melbourne so need to suss out as much as I can before I book! Anywho, will send you a FR and I can't wait to see your progress xx
  9. Hi lovely! I'm so sorry to hear your story, it must be such a bummer for you. But chin up!! As the girls have said there are always revision surgeries to be had Aside from the nipple position, I think that they have a lovely shape and it's worked out in that regards (if it's any consolation). Anywho make sure you keep posting on here so you have support throughout your journey, sending you a FR xx
  10. Thanks everyone for your replies!! Yeah I've heard good and bad things about Rubinstein, yet ONLY good things about Farrow & Ashton. About the comments I made in regards to Rubinstein's upper poll dilemma, this is just going off a my conversations with few women who have graciously shared their stories with me. Thanks so much for your insight Patricia and I couldn't agree with you more about the fact that boobs are meant to look crazy high post a BA in order to achieve the end result However these particular ladies have waited over 12 months and to no avail. I will say however they do commend his work with other BA's which is a plus! I think I will keep an open mind and make my decision after meeting all 3 surgeons, but it definitely helps getting personal experiences from the beautiful women on these forums
  11. Hi ladies, hope you're all wonderful I've emailed a few of you over the past few days/weeks/some months about your surgeons. I have had some time away from the 'BA world' due to travelling but as soon as I find myself back on this website i start intensely dreaming of big boobies again haha Anywho here's the low down..Farrow, Ashton & Rubinstein are my top 3 and here are my thoughts thus far (feel free to correct me based on your knowledge or experience) Farrow; love his work, seen lots of before and afters and I like his take on the natural breast shape as this is what I'm after. Ashton; heard this guy is pretty good, only going off what people have been said in these forums....no before or afters on his website so it's hard to visualise...Ashton girls if you could FR me I'd appreciate that Rubinstein; love his natural style of BA's, have heard issues with the profiles being too high/boobs not dropping...Rubinstein girls have any of you experienced this? Okay question time is done! On a side note I'm about 175cm 63kg, love going to the gym, fairly toned and in general pretty content with my body. My boobs for that matter are a B and I don't hate them, they have a great shape and sit pretty well. BUT deep down I definitely always wished they were a little bigger. That's not to say there aren't some days where I don't mind them at all but it would be so amazing to look at my body in the mirror and be like BAM I have boobs....so silly I know! Okay RANT OVER!!!! I'm heading back to Australia in about a week and want to start booking consults so PLEASE if you have any specific advice for me I'd be so appreciative xx
  12. Absolutely shocking on their behalf!! My heart goes out to you hun and I hope that you have a much better experience with your new surgeon, who I'm sure will look after everything All the best xx
  13. Congratulations Jade (and Deb) on your transformation!!! I hope that everything starts settling down soon for you both I'm looking into Dr. Ashton along with a few other Melbourne surgeons for my BA, so I've sent you both a FR is that's okay!! xx
  14. They look great! The shape looks so natural and only at four weeks!! I'm yet to have a BA but I think considering you've only had your operation recently, you're doing pretty well and they'll no doubt settle over time
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