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  1. I have similar stats kind of. Im 162, 53kg and I was a 10C/D before surgery. I had 350CC over muscle two months ago, and im really happy with mine
  2. Hey girls I am a bit over 6 weeks post op from my BA and I have just noticed I have a mondor cord :( It sucks but it explains why I still get odd pain in that boob while the other is completely fine and no pain what so ever. Has anyone else developed a mondor cord and have any tips? I know they go away on their own but it is still annoying. xxx
  3. I was doing light cardio eg bike and cross trainer using only legs at 2 weeks. 3 weeks post op I was doing everything apart from arm work, and at 4 weeks I started to do light arm work. Now im over 6 weeks post op and I am doing everything normal apart from chest (running, weights, shoulder, bis & tris etc). My surgeon said not to do any isolated chest work till next year but that doesn't bother me. I developed a mondor cord though so that has been annoying, especially when I thought I had gotten away relatively easy with recovery. Oh well, at least it isnt CC. Hope everyone is recovering well!! xx
  4. Also I saw dual plane on borderline, looked fab.. And I actually saw today a girl has great results with unders as well. I guess just go with the surgeon you felt most comfortable with:)
  5. Twinkles you look amazing!!! We are very close in terms of recovery, you are one day in front, and I had this exact problem yesterday. I actually burst into tears in Lorna Jane hahah I got the all clear to do lower body exercise like bike, squats etc. So I went to get a sports bra I can wear just for now while I'm still post op bra restricted so I don't have to look like dork at the gym.. An hour later, and everything made them look too big, and obviously fake, almost porn star looking and I was a mess. Didn't help the girl had her boobs done a year ago and hers were very natural looking and a perfect size for her which she kept saying. Being overs, mine are quite round and I still have a bit of swelling so they are bigger than what they hopefully will be.. I had to get a medium which is too big around my waist but supports the girls enough and doesn't make them look like huge rockmelon ( I used to be a XS) Emotions are everywhere!! Im guessing it must be normal seeing as you had the same thing!! xx
  6. I was borderline and went with overs to correct them. Im 15 days post op. I would get a third opinion, that is what I did. Being over the muscle, I will need a lift in 8-10 years but its fixed my problems for now. Im only 22 so I did not want a lift now, or get another placement and need to revise, or lift. My surgeon said he didn't like doing under the muscle at all for borderlines as the potential for snoopy/waterfall effect I have pre and post ops if you want to have a look. Feel free to FR Either way trust the surgeon you are going with! and your gut! Personally, I didn't want to go under the muscle because of some results I saw and girls needed revisions. In saying that, Im sure there are girls who got great results from under the muscle even being borderline. I hope everything goes well LindyLoo!! xx
  7. Hope all the November girls are going well! and the girls today!!!!!! xxx
  8. I bought one small and one medium. For me personally, I wish I had bought two smalls because I don't feel the medium is tight enough and supportive. I got overs though so maybe that's why, I like feeling as though they are supported and M just doesn't feel right like around the band width. I am 2 weeks post op and right now would be a 8E if i was allowed to wear bras (I couldn't help myself getting sized) In saying that, I didn't wear the S till about 3 days post op as I wore the one my surgeon gave me initially. Good luck
  9. Twinkles oh good so its not just me with the nipples! I have the same now with the tape stuff that they said just leave it and when it falls off it falls off. Itchy is good! healing is on its way. My next post op is in two weeks.... I think so Brookestar, I had read it but I hadn't heard anyone else complaining so thought maybe it was just me.. Probably being a baby about it because I didn't have the pain initially that you muscle girls would have.. yay for sore nipples I don't have the tight skin feeling because they were just filling me back up lol but if its like the aching and all over sensitivity I'm having I can relate. Cant wait for the uncomfortable recovery part to be over! Sorry to the girls coming up!! No need to be scared though, I am just a sook!! It is all worth it for the boobs. PS: Brookstar I saw that you were in an extra day, meant to comment and say good luck. But you are out now so Im glad it all went well! xx
  10. hey girls, hope everyone is recovering well/getting excited for their ops !! to the girls who already have new boobies i.e. Twinkles, Rosieee89.. Are you having more achy pain now then initially post op? I had very little pain then had my stitches taken out on Thursday, and since then am getting content sharp pains, aching, and wearing the post op bra is so painful my skin feels like its hypersensitive!! anyone else having this or did I get tricked with a good first few days and now my suffer starts lol xx
  11. Hey anyiee Im 6 days post op and my nipples stick out randomly at different times, I think its just the feeling coming back into them but check with your PS. I definitely understand Miche, nipples and just boobs in general are killing me more today than when I had it done.
  12. Thanks girls, I saw my PS today anyway because of swelling and he said nothing till next week apart from walks I am just feeling like a ball at the moment, I've been good with eating minus the occasional treat but I just feel gross. Vivian, I've cut back to just panadine forte at night because I was getting really bloated from all the painkillers as well. Grrrr, I guess its just something you have to put up with for new boobs. I can't wait for this week and next to be over with so I can at least do some proper cardio and lower body stuff
  13. I wasn't going to do anything that would get me sweating or raise the heart too much. Just like in front of the TV like lunges or squats? Maybe not the brightest idea but I thought it might be okay so long as I don't get out of breath or get the heart rate up too much. You are probably right, just thought I would check to see if anyone had tried it.
  14. Hey ladies I am three days post op, and I know I am meant to rest but I am so uncomfortable from not exercising. I recently lost a bit of weight, and am used to exercising at least 5 days a week. I feel really puffy and as though I am going to balloon out. Did any ladies do some squats/lunges/lower body things to try keep the feeling away (unweighted of course)? Any recommendations ? I know they say you should rest but I had overs so I am pretty okay recovery wise and I am going stir crazy! Thanks xxx
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