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  1. Don't stress, this is totally normal. It will come, it just takes time. They will change so much over the next 3 - 6 months (possibly even up to 12 months).
  2. Hey Rosie, May is the perfect time to get them done. I had mine done at the end of May last year. Means they are all healed and look amazing by the time summer rolls around. I didn't use any hand weights when doing leg work post op, but I'm sure after a couple of weeks you could incorporate some light weights (def keep them light though). In regards to chin ups you may be advised to steer clear of these indefinitely. Speak to your surgeon and see what he says. If he gives you the go ahead post op, it will more than likely be months down the track before you will be comfortable even attemting one and yes you will be very weak and it will take time to rebuild strength in your chest. I don't do chin ups, push ups or chest press. To be honest it feels very weird when you do use your pecs and your muscles will distort your boobs and it really feels quite weird. I have recently started doing dips and skull crushers and these now feel ok. I know it seems like a big deal now but trust me you will work around it. I just sub chest work for shoulders, back, triceps or biceps. It's totally worth it in the long run. I have accepted your friend request if you want to private message me with any other questions.
  3. I was advised to stop working my chest 4 weeks before surgery. I was very concerned about upsetting my work out routine post op. I started walking on day 2, then after a week I started light cardio on the cross trainer and did lots of lunges, squats and step ups. At 6 weeks I stepped up the intensity on my cardio and finally at 8 weeks I was given the go ahead to start lifting again. I'm now 9 months post op and I do not do any isolated pec work as my surgeon has advised me to steer clear permanently if I wish to maintain my results. At first i hated the idea of never doing these again but I've just accepted it now and I figure it's a small price to pay for having amazing boobs. That being said, lots of people do still do pec work after having a BA and have no problems, it just comes down to your individual circumstances. I had very little breast tissue with thin skin and minimal body fat. These things combined meant that my surgeon had to use every bit of available muscle to cover the implant otherwise it would be visible. Hope this info is helpful to you. I know it seems like a big deal now but the time really does go by in a flash and you will be back to normal before you know it.
  4. I initially thought I wanted to be a full c/small d and got 330 anatomical xhp unders. I'm 8 months post op and am a 10dd, they are definitely not huge by any means though. They look more like a full c / small d I think. Feel free to FR me so you can check out my pics. I think they suit my frame but sometimes I wish they were a tad bigger, however this was my max as I have a narrow chest and had very thin skin with no breast tissue and minimal body fat.
  5. I only had a straight BA with Dr Miroshnik so I can't comment on the lift or tummy tuck but I had a fantastic experience with Dr M, he is an amazing surgeon and a lovely caring person. My recovery was very easy and I put that down to his skill and expertise. Good luck with your surgery, I'm certain you will be very pleased with your results as you are in the best of hands.
  6. It is hard to say as we are all different but I am 165cm 54kg's and was a 10a/b pre op. I had 330 xhp anatomical unders (this was my max) and am now a 10dd.
  7. I am a Dr M girl with anatomicals. We are similar height and &weight (164 cm & 54kg's) athletic build but I have a narrow chest. I was a very deflated 10a/b, with basically zero breast tissue just loose skin thanks to breast feeding and weight loss ( I am a weight lifter too). I got 330cc anatomical xhp and am now a 10dd but I look more like a full c small d. Dr M is amazing, you will love him, just trust him with whatever he thinks is best for you. Feel free to f/r me if you want to see my pics or have any other questions. When is your consult?
  8. I had my surgery with Dr Miroshnik 5 months ago and he is amazing! Love love love him. Could not be happier. He is very skilled with anatomical implants. There are plenty of very happy dr Miroshnik girls on here. I can not rate him highly enough. As for dr kohout, I have heard his name before but do not know anything about him.
  9. I have teardrops with awesome cleavage but it comes down to your own anatomy whether or not you will achieve good cleavage.
  10. Yeah, they are fine under wide band singlets although the back straps are visible as its kind of like racer back but they are quite thick and sit up high. If you can get some singlet tops that come up higher at the back it would be fine. I had my BA done at the end of May so this wasn't really an issue for me.
  11. They are clasp front and you get a black and a white one. I wore only these for the first 2 weeks then I started interchanging them with crop tops and soft cup bras during the day (as per post op instructions) they are comfortable just not overly flattering.
  12. My estimate was exactly what they charged me. I wonder why the amount has changed so much? My surgery was only 5 months ago.
  13. Mine was $12,570, that was a straight BA with anatomicals. It's not his fee that has gone up it is the anaesthetist and hospital fees that are significantly more. I only paid $850 for the anaesthetist and $1470 for the hospital. What hospital are you having it done at? I went to Bondi Junction Private. Have you elected to stay overnight?
  14. Mine are anatomical mentors.
  15. I have exactly the same thing. I'm not bothered by it though, it's only when I'm bent right over and it disappears when I'm upright. I was told this was a risk with my low body fat, no breast tissue and thin skin. I'm definitely not prepared to gain weight though, I've worked way too hard on my body. My right boob was also still sitting slightly higher than my left only a couple of weeks ago (I'm almost 4 months post op) but it seems to have evened out now thank goodness.
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