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    I'm having a breast augmentation in July.
    I'm an A cup and would like to be a full C.
    Hoping round moderate profile plus 250cc will do the job!
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    Mark Lee 2nd July 2014
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    154cm, 48kgs, 12a

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  1. mj1990 I know how you feel, I took my husband to the consult and chose the 350s still truly not knowing what size I wanted. I asked him to take lots of pics of the sizes 300cc 325cc and 350cc. After the consult I sent the pics to my closest friends and my mum who all said go with 325 (I loved both sizes.) So I emailed my surgeons office in a panic!! Asking for the 325s not 350s!! They emailed back with a very informative email giving me my bwt and the width and projection of both implants (325 and 350) they project the same and only differ in width by 3mm! They gave me the night to sleep on
  2. Mollyjo, do you have 300? Or 350?
  3. Sorry Sophie, 155cm tall, 48kilos. I'm pretty straight up and down, not curvy but I am quiet broad on top.
  4. Hi all, I posted last week about my upcoming surgery (2nd July) and that I was leaning towards 250cc/300cc WELL..... I had another appointment with my surgeon today and have decided on 350cc eeeekkkk! I feel pretty happy I've made a good decision. I tried on the 300 then the 350 sizers and didn't really feel there was very much difference. My surgeon agreed the 350s looked good and 'balanced' me out. He also said it would give me good side boob (soob as my husband refers to it) Any ladies with similar sats have 350?
  5. Hi Sherry, I'm an empty A cup after breast feeding my 3 girls. I'm book in for BA on July 2nd (eeeek!) I'm having round mod profile plus and still deciding on cc as I don't want to be HUGE but I still want to be 'noticed' and after reading many, many posts I'm thinking 300 will suit my frame but will make my final decision on Monday at my appointment. Flowermay could I send you a FR?
  6. You must be so excited! Good luck.
  7. I'm 154cm, 48kgs sporty physic and a 12b. I'm pretty straight up and down, no hips, no curves but I have wide shoulders (often asked if im a swimmer!) I'm scared if I go to big I'll look top heavy!
  8. Hi Lindat, I'm not entirely sure of my options. When I had my consult I was nervous I hardly took in what was said. Dr Lee gave me a 300cc sizer to try on and I felt HUGE! We tried the 250 then 275 and I was leaning towards the 250 but after months of research I'm thinking 300! My paper work says Moderate Profile Plus, Round under muscle. I can't believe how vague I sound on something I've wanted my entire life! Especial given the extensive knowledge some of the ladies have on this forum!
  9. 2nd of July with Mark Lee in Perth! I'm so excited and nervous because I'm still undecided on size! I have an appointment with Mark on Monday avo to make my final decision. After reading many posts, thinking bigger is better ?
  10. This was so good to read. I've been wondering how on earth I was going to manage with my 3 girls! Eldest is at school so I booked my surgery for school holidays so I dont have to do the school run the (younger two are 3 and 8 months) Hubby works away but has a week off hoping that this is long enough. Feel more confident after reading this. X
  11. Thanks everyone for your replies. I'm so new I have no idea how to a FR? Or view profiles.. I'm want them a nice size.. Not to big not to small (if it exists lol) I'm just so worried as so many people have different results (cup sizes) for 250cc I'm confused! My friend has 250 and she is a DD! My other friend has 300 and she is only a C both friends are similar in shape and size to myself. So glad to be going back, just hope I choose what's right for me.
  12. Hi, Hi everyone! I'm getting my first BA in 3 weeks. AND IM STILL UNDECIDED ON SIZE!I'm 30 years old, size 6, 154cm tall and my current bra size is an A. I also have a very sporty physic. At this stage i have chosen round moderate profile plus 250cc under the muscle! I'm worried they won't be big enough but I'm also worried if I go bigger they will be to big! I am going back next week to try on sizes again. Anyone else out there have a similar experience? What bra size did 250 make you?
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