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  1. Aww thanks girls!! Yea I am pretty stoked. I got moderate profile ☺️ I wish I'd made the difference more than 50cc cause I'm still uneven lol
  2. Hey just thought id share my photos I was a 10c pre op with asymmetry, had surgery with dr duong at TCI who was just fantastic! I went 360 and 405 cc round silicone unders It's been 4 weeks since surgery and I feel like I've already dropped and fluffed! Hope there's more to come though
  3. Hey ladies I work at bras and things and it depends on what kind of push up u get. U can eat push up from the bottom which will push the breasts up, push in from the sides which will push them in. And u can get both which some playboy do. The amount of times girls come in and want a push up bra and I put them in bras that don't have padding but that are just great lifters and supportives and they are shocked at the look they can achieve. It's all trial and error, and a great fitting specialist
  4. Hey ladies so I had my BA on Saturday and I had 405cc under round in my right breast and 360cc under round in my left breast, they were a bit uneven. I feel like my left breast which had the smaller implant is more swollen and painful than the left. Should I be worried??
  5. Sending fr ladies, would love to compare photos!
  6. I had my BA yesterday my stats were 177 cm 68kgs and pre op a 10c. I had quite obvious asymmetry and so I got 360 and 405 cc round moderate unders. It's only day one but the left one which was bigger still looks bigger! Hoping like D.E. Licious said that it's because it had more breast tissue it's gonna be more swollen.
  7. I had mine done by him yesterday he was so lovely And made me feel at ease through the whole thing. He's amazing
  8. Thanks ladies. I hope so! Xox
  9. Hey ladies I work at bras n things and the reason we are anal about sizing is because if your not fitted Correctly it's actually very damaging to the breast tissue,you always need to make sure that the underwire is sitting behind the breast, good way to check is to push on the underwire at the highest Point by your armpit, if you can feel your ribs then it's fine hope that helps!
  10. I was a full c cup and had surgery yesterday i went 360 and 405 as I was slightly uneven. Just go with what feels good at ur consult and what ur surgeon suggests after all the measurements I'm 177 cm and 68 kgs. Have posted a new topic with my pre and post op photos if u wana have a look
  11. How do u think they will turn out? Will they get bigger when they drop? They are 360 and 405 cc round moderate unders. I had asymmetry but they still look very unsymmetrical will this correct itself when the swelling goes down?
  12. Ok thanks ladies, will they start swelling soon or is this it??
  13. Hey ladies, had my BA today and tci with dr duong. I'm 175 cm 68 kgs and was a 10 c. Went 360cc and 405 cc. By breasts look kinda small and not swollen at all, does the swelling happen later? They aren't high either, help??! Will they get bigger?
  14. Hey ladies I have my BA at 8 this morning and they aren't high or swollen, does that come with time? Also they look small, I am 175 cm 68kg. Was a c cup pre op and got 360cc and 405cc moderate profile under muscle, will they get bigger?!
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