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  1. Thanks ladies that actually makes me feel a lot better =)
  2. Hi there no they are not anatomical, they are round?? Not too phased about it just wondering if anyone else had this
  3. Hey ladies i had my breast augmentation done 5months ago. Over the moon with them, the only thing im worried about is that they are still quite stiff i mean whne i jump they will bounce up and down but still quite firm ia this normal will they get squishier? If i squeeze them they are softish..when i lay on my side they feel like a normal boob in squishiness but when standing they are alot firmer. Sorta want them to giggle a bit more so they look more natural? If that makes any sense?
  4. Hi everyone am currently 6 weeks post op loving the new girls no complications however ny nipples seem to stick out a lot more than usual also my right nipple has a cut in it and is really sore..looks like its split scared it will get infected ...has anyone ever had this ? I showed my boyfriend he said it's probably coz everything is stretching? ?
  5. Hi nessa I had BA done feeling pretty good though to do light exercises
  6. Merman thank you yeah I wasn't planning or doing weights might strain a bit too much but yeah squats ans lunges jist using body weight I might go gym tomorrow
  7. Zero pain and I am 2 weeks post op today I was even considering going to gym to do some like walking and lower body
  8. Hi ladies I was a small b pre op and went round high profile 345cc aiming for a d cup haven't measured myself though will keep you posted once I find out Dr tang is amazing would highly recommend him to everyone! !
  9. Am 2 weeks post op today feeling like I csn do some light walking and maybe some squats has anyone tried this at 2 weeks seems a bit soon but I actually feel good wouldn't do any upper body just lower body ?
  10. Haha yeah I think I might just do the same thing..my boobs are that tender I'm scared to take my bra off your right it feels like there going to fall off!!
  11. Had my surgery on Tuesday it is now Thursday and I'm still too scared to shower .I jist touch my nipple through thr post op bra and I don't think I would be able to let water touch them? Has anyone else had this..did you try showrr ..I really want a a shower!!
  12. Thank you ladies well I got a call from the nurse today and I explained to her what happened she said to stop taking both the panadene and codeine coz I will just continue to throw up ..so she said If I need to take anything just to take normal pandol .but I feel nothing at the moment no need for any medication just taking my anti biotics ....hopefully it stays like this ..im assuming the worst days would be day 1 2 and 3?
  13. One is a little higher than the other but I'm sure it will drop it's only day 1. I couldn't wake to peek at them so edited they look pretty good considering it's so early! I'm shocked that I have no pain though aad haven't taken any medication which is weird But hey I'm not complaining )
  14. So had my surgery yesterday and can honestly say dr tang is a champ!!!! Had my surgery yesterday at 12.30 was knocked out as soon as I hit the bed ..felt very dizzy when I got up however no pain just feels like an elephant was sitting on me but nothing I couldn't bare. Took antibiotics and panadene 4 however that made me feel horrible last night ..I felt so sick after it it made me throw up and had the worst tummy pain ...have stopped taking pain killrs as I'm scared that i will throw up again ...but in regards to pain still no pain just pressure and bit sore when I move my arm ...ive gotten out of bed on my own brushed my teeth ..changed my pants all good ) boons are looking good too I had a little peek and there not even that high up..still have plenty of room to drop but looking good already! Extremely happy )))
  15. Thanks for the response ladies ..my surgery is today not sure weather to stay with 345 or maybe go to 365-380? I do have quite a small waist but slightly bigger hips..surgery is today and so unsure what size to pick?
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