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    Dr Preeyaphas, August 2012
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  1. Hey missaimeegilchrist, I had my BA at Bangkok Hospital and I had to stay until my post op appt which was 6 days post op x x
  2. I'll be there August 19-25. My surgery is the Bangkok the following week
  3. I'm having different surgery this time. I had my BA last year
  4. cool!! have heard there's a very good lady Dr who does that area....hope it all goes well and you have a great time back in Thailand :)

  5. I told Dr P to put in as much as he could fit! I'm in a 10E now.
  6. Definitely look into Bangkok Makeovers. They're fantastic. I'm going back for more work in a few months. Megan and Rachel are lovely and so down to Earth.
  7. All good in the hood Cha Cha. I'm heading back to Thailand in August for a designer vagina.

  8. Ahhh ok cool. They don't do the procedure I'm having done, but I'll pass the info on. Thanks a lot!
  9. Hi there, yes all good here :) Love my new BA and my eyes look great too! How are you doing? Hope you're thrilled with them. chacha :D

  10. Hi! Hope you've been well x

  11. I'm seeing her in August for a designer vagina! Can't wait! I'm just nervous as they donut under spinal block, not general :/
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