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  1. All good in the hood Cha Cha. I'm heading back to Thailand in August for a designer vagina.

  2. Hi! Hope you've been well x

  3. Hope you're happy with your results x x

  4. Hey Daisy! The girls are just starting to soften up. I've been told I can take off the strap today. I have been sleeping on my chest. Feeling good! How about you?

  5. Good luck!! Four more sleeps for you!!

  6. Hey, Doctor wouldn't let me go any bigger. I actually thought I could fit 500cc mod plus and they all laughed at me! Said no way! I am disappointed that they aren't that big, but hey, beats having no boobs!

  7. I got the same implant as you :)

  8. Good! I had a reaction to the antibacterial wash, but everything else is great! What about you?

  9. Hey Chacha! Thanks for the well wishes! We leave on Sunday, and my sister and I both have our operations on monday! I'm still pinching myself, can't believe this is happening!! x x

  10. I've added you, and I'll post pics etc afterwards :) Not long for us now!

  11. Hey Bec, I forgot what profile and how many cc's you got? My sister and I are doing our research before we see Dr.P :) x x

  12. As in b vitamins? I take sublingual b12 because I don't eat meat :)

  13. Mousey, popping in to see how your recovery is going? I'm thinking about having my tummy done with muscle repair next. year (I can't afford it now) I'll speak to Rachel and Dr P when I get my boobs done in 10 weeks. I have been following your story :)

  14. Oh what a bummer! If you guys want to do dinner with some Aussies, call us! I will private message yo my number closer to the date!

  15. Hey Princess Jasmine, Where did your other photo's go? I wanted to print one, and take it to Dr Preeyaphas and say "I want these, now work your magic!" :)

  16. Hey! Yeas I did change from 500 to 450, because I made some water sizers, the same width and cc's as the mentor brand and put them in my top. I preferred a bit smaller, bigger looked a bit silly :)

  17. I watched your video's on youtube. More people should do this. I think I am going to record my journey too :)

  18. Hey Tara, Just wondering how everything is going with your recovery? x

  19. Wow! Your surgeon has done such a fantastic job! I don't have as much breast tissue as you, but your end result is exactly what I want from my BA. You look fantastic! Happy healing!

  20. BodyRes! I've missed your positive upbeat comments! Where have you been hiding girl?!

  21. I see you're using Doctor Preeyaphas too! So jealous that you're going so soon!

  22. Wow, I just noticed that your implants flipped?! Did you get different ones this time, or did you just get the pocket fixed?

  23. I've been Watching your YouTube channel and I'd like to thankyou for Sharing your experience. I might follow in your footsteps :)

  24. Hi Aussiemum, I was just wondering how you are traveling and how you're feeling? x

  25. Mine hurt too! I was scared of breathing, I was scared they would stuff it up! :)

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