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    Dr Preeyaphas, August 2012
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  1. Hey missaimeegilchrist, I had my BA at Bangkok Hospital and I had to stay until my post op appt which was 6 days post op x x
  2. I'll be there August 19-25. My surgery is the Bangkok the following week
  3. I'm having different surgery this time. I had my BA last year
  4. I told Dr P to put in as much as he could fit! I'm in a 10E now.
  5. Definitely look into Bangkok Makeovers. They're fantastic. I'm going back for more work in a few months. Megan and Rachel are lovely and so down to Earth.
  6. Ahhh ok cool. They don't do the procedure I'm having done, but I'll pass the info on. Thanks a lot!
  7. I'm seeing her in August for a designer vagina! Can't wait! I'm just nervous as they donut under spinal block, not general :/
  8. I'm having surgery at Bangkok Hospital on August 26 and staying with Bangkok Makeovers again
  9. GeorgiaE I had my BA with bangkok makeovers 6 months ago. They treat you like family and wouldn't use anyone they didn't trust. They also put me On to a former client to speak with which was reassuring.
  10. I'm booked in with her in August. One if the ladies from Bangkok Makeovers is using her as her obs during her pregnancy and highly rates her as a surgeon.
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