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    Dr Preeyaphas, August 2012
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  1. Hey there, yes very happy so far. Lefty has some more dropping, and righty has some serious fluffing to go. Unfortunately I have come down with a cold, and my temp has gone up and down for the last 2 days:( with a low grade temp. I must say I'm a little stressed, but I don't have any signs of an infection....just a full blown head cold. Let's hope it goes away very soon....temp and cold! It looks like the cc amount was just right to even things out, and fairly confident the profile choices where right too. Prob in the end left's nipple will point out a bit and sit a tiny bit lower as it was the larger side and had some more sag but had to have the smaller implant. When I can get my pic up it will all make sense. How are you doing.....other than the brick tits?! are you liking the look, size, and they sitting how you want them? ChaCha

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