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  1. Hey missaimeegilchrist, I had my BA at Bangkok Hospital and I had to stay until my post op appt which was 6 days post op x x
  2. I'll be there August 19-25. My surgery is the Bangkok the following week
  3. I'm having different surgery this time. I had my BA last year
  4. I told Dr P to put in as much as he could fit! I'm in a 10E now.
  5. Definitely look into Bangkok Makeovers. They're fantastic. I'm going back for more work in a few months. Megan and Rachel are lovely and so down to Earth.
  6. Ahhh ok cool. They don't do the procedure I'm having done, but I'll pass the info on. Thanks a lot!
  7. I'm seeing her in August for a designer vagina! Can't wait! I'm just nervous as they donut under spinal block, not general :/
  8. I'm having surgery at Bangkok Hospital on August 26 and staying with Bangkok Makeovers again
  9. GeorgiaE I had my BA with bangkok makeovers 6 months ago. They treat you like family and wouldn't use anyone they didn't trust. They also put me On to a former client to speak with which was reassuring.
  10. I'm booked in with her in August. One if the ladies from Bangkok Makeovers is using her as her obs during her pregnancy and highly rates her as a surgeon.
  11. I'm having vaginoplasty in bangkok through bangkok makeovers. Contact them
  12. For those I'm friends with, I have updated my pics
  13. I'm heading back to see the lovely ladies from Bangkok Makeovers and having Vaginoplasty this time. I'm traveling Aug 19 to Phuket, then Aug 25 to Bangkok until Sept 2nd. Will anyone else be over there then?!
  14. Kels84

    Brick Tits

    I feel like I could knock someone out with these bad boys. Four weeks post op. Someone please shed some light and make me feel better haha
  15. Congrats on your new twins ChaCha x x Sending you gentle hugs
  16. The thing with the E cup is that they look like a D but fit an E. The woman in the post op/prosthesis shop said thats usually the way. So if you wanted to LOOK like a 12E, you'd be aiming for for a 12G. Too much info, my mind is spinning lol
  17. Oh the roof top thing isn't busy. There were about 15 people there on a saturday night. I had one drink, and we had dips and stuff. For the view, its worth it. Absolutely gorgeous. Soft Jazz music and you wear something nice. The tigers were busy, over priced and you had to wear clothes that cover so much that you feel yourself melting. The markets at the Major at Night are ok.
  18. it was called sky blue or blue sky. Also check out Khao san rd. saw a lady picking head lice out of a mans hair with tweezers!! lol. good shopping there. $4 to get there
  19. Rachel can arrange a tour for you. I did it a week and a half ago. We went to the floating market, tiger temple (which i hated) and to the bridge over the river kwai. I loved the museum about the prisoners of war in kanchanaburi. i actually cried! There is a cheap rooftop bar/restaurant on top of the hotel next to Central plaza (which is on the same rd as rachels apartments) She directed us to it, so she'll be able to show you. Absolutely beautiful venue.
  20. I'm getting a shooting pain in my right boob. from my cleavage, towards my nipple. Sometimes after the initial shooting pain, it feels burnt. This thread has made me feel better
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