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  1. Ah thankyou! Your nose sounds exactly like mine so I might just wait it out a while longer!
  2. Oh god 'pinch' not 'punch' haha I don't punch my nose!!
  3. Haha yes research Yeah I had a lot done! Out of nowhere around week 2 I noticed definition, probably took roughly 4-5 months give or take for my bridge to stop swelling and to see my curve most of the time, I had a lot of tip work done so majority of my tip is still hard. I noticed probably around 4 months (can't remember exactly) when it started to get a little bit squishy when I punch it but it's mostly swollen still so I think that's going to take quite a long time to go away. I'm hoping it could be swollen on the inside still to explain my breathing. I might eventually go see someone about that if it doesn't heal in the next few months. It just always feels blocked up and stuffy and I'm breathing quite loudly now post op but to be honest I can't remember beforehand lol :/
  4. Don't let it stop you if you really want to! Mine was only ever more swollen just the next day for a bit sometimes I could feel all the fluids in it and sometimes I couldn't! The swelling was never anything to drastic either it never bothered me. Aw thankyou so much I'm so happy my breathing isn't 100% hoping it heals as my swelling continues to go down!
  5. Also for anyone new on my post here I have photos in my album on public I'm pretty sure from my rhino with montien. I will post a 6 month update
  6. Also for anyone new on my post here I have photos in my album on public I'm pretty sure from my rhino with montien. I will post a 6 month update
  7. I had alcohol 2 weeks post op and it swelled. I'm 6 months post op rhino with montien and I drank a couple of nights ago and it's the only time I have noticed it not swelling from alcohol. So it will for a good few months.
  8. Anyone interested in checking my photos out who are wanting rhinoplasty with Montien are available. I'm pretty sure I posted them on public. I have 2 albums. If not feel free to send me a FR
  9. I couldn't recommend the girls at international smiles and Rejuvination enough. They are a company that do both teeth and surgeries. I can't tell you anything about the dentists you go to see because I didn't have anything dental done but I had rhinoplasty. The surgeons they use are dr Montien and dr bhumsak. Montien is absolutely fantastic at everything he does. On our group tour on the girls and guys he done everything from rhino to boobs to face lifts and full tummy tucks. Everybody was so happy with his work. I couldn't fault anything on the group tour!! Hospital was amazing! The support you get from Sarah and Sam from IS&R is awesome!! Best thing ever
  10. I had my rhinoplasty on the 22nd of November with dr Montien. He done everything I asked for and more. I can't explain how happy I am with his work. I will post photos now
  11. Im having rhinoplasty on the 22nd of november and I'm just wondering what I need to take for aftercare? I've got arnica tablets ready and one of those neck pillows so I can sleep on my back. I'm just wondering what else I need. Did you take any products to help with your scar or cleaning your nose? Or do they supply that stuff at the hospital/ or the things that you do need are they easy to find it bangkok? I'm going on a group tour with 2 ladies who are very familiar with bangkok but I just need to know what I need. Any tips/advice would be awesome!! Thanks
  12. Hi smileygirl Hope you don't mind that I've added you as a friend! will you be posting photos when you're up to it? Congratulations btw absolutely love reading everyone's experience with dr m! 65 days for me!!
  13. Wow that looks great Ersko! Can't believe what a massive difference the chin implant makes. That's huge! Congratulations you must be stoked. Feeling very excited about my nose now
  14. Thankyou so very much Ersko! Can't tell you how much I appreciate your detailed experience on my post! Exactly the kind of info I was after so happy to hear how happy you are with how it all went. Not that I wasn't feeling confident before, but I am feeling a lot more relaxed after hearing your experience. If you've ever got any photos you're willing to share with before and afters, let me know or if you post some up on your profile. Would love to see your results
  15. I think you just contact the hospitals and email either the surgeon or someone from the hospital as far as I've gathered off here. I am booked in for rhino in November with International Rejuvination as someone else above recommended them. If you do end up choosing to go through a company (makes it easier) I honestly would 100% recommend them!! You should atleast check them out one thing that I love about IR is that I know I will get ongoing support from them. They've made it all such a breeze I haven't really had to worry about any of it haha and I completely agree that they are not like any of those other companies who don't really care about you and just want you to book with them to get your money.
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