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  1. Hi I had my inplants removed 8 months ago and I want to have a fat transfer to even put my breasts and hopefully get a little bit more volume. i have consulted with 5 surgeons already and there is sich a huge variance in what each surgwon rhink they can achieve. Would lovw to hear if anyone else have gone through this.
  2. Summer37

    Implant Removal & Fat Transfer

    Hi Elle How did you go with the explant? Are you still considering FT and with who?
  3. Summer37

    Explant surgery & fat grafting

    can I ask how much cc he injected each time and how much scup size you went up each time? Thanks thats all I needed really.
  4. Summer37

    Explant surgery & fat grafting

    can I ask how much cc he injected each time and how much scup size you went up each time?
  5. Summer37

    Furry Brazilians melbourne

    I had my furries done with Dr mayson 4 years ago. ALCL was public knowledge from the TGA and he did not advise me of this. I adid ask about cancer and he said there are no links. Great response ay. Anyway I had mine for 4 years and in all that time one side was always sore and sat higher than the other. It had gotten much worse over the 4 years. Mayson would not hear of Capsular Contracture as he says he has never had one case in 8 years. Other surgeons have said that is not correct. 2 surgeons thought I had capsular contracture in the sore one and also that dr mayson had not released the muscle properly when inserting the implants meaning the muscle was pushing down on the implants making it sit higher. Everytime I have had a problem the ladies that answers the phone want to charge me for a consult, even when I called t get an explanation on why I had not been alerted that my silimed furries had been banned only a little while after I had put them in. How on earth can a surgeon not advise of these things. Anyway I have explanted them now and back to square one with scars to match and a bit concave too. The right side did get softer as the years went by but still they felt so unatural in my body and I could feel them if I tried to do exersice. I would advise against implants and look into fat grafting. Yes it may be much more expensive in the beginning but implants have issues and needs to be removed and new ones put in every 10 years at least and that is if you don't have problems. Also some people get the BII illness. Look into this and do the research as there are ladies all over the world sick from their implants. oh and I am about to consult with Tansley on Thursday re. Fat grafting.
  6. Summer37

    Explant surgery & fat grafting

    who are you seeing if I can ask. I have explanted almost 3 months ago now and looking at getting fat transfer. I have consulted with a few doctors already and having another phone consult tomorrow with Dr Tansley. I know I asked this befor but can't remember if you replied? Who have you had the ft with? I am consulting with dr tansley tomorrow.
  7. Summer37

    Dr Simone Matousek Fat Transfer to Breast

    Hi, did you end up getting fat transfer? I had my implants removed 3 weeks ago and wanting to do ft within 6 months. I find it difficult to decide on surgeon.
  8. I got a 2nd opinion today from dr choy in sydney. He believes I have capsular contrscture and that my original surgeon did not release that muscle correctly when implanting which is why I have had pain for 4 years and the breast sitting higher than the other. He did not want to do a fat transfer same time as explanting and did not think I needed a lift either. He did keep saying I would look worse after explanting and that I would most likely be concaved. The surgeon in brisbane will do all 3 at once and the lift is to compresd my tissue so he has more to work with for FT. I sm confused as what to do.
  9. HI again Thanks for the info. I am trying to decipher between the different techniques here in Australia and by Dr Bednar in Charlotte USA. He puts alot in, sometimes up to 600cc's (30% is fluid) and gets amazing results. I am part of his facebook group and the ladies there have the fat still after more than 2 years and one 7 yrs+. I have consulted with Dr Chin in Brisbane and he says he can get me to a B cup (no guarantees) in one transfer of 75cc to each breast. He said he will try and out more in but it depends on breast tissue. Did you consult with him? Trying to get everyones experience so I don't need to consult more than 2-3 doctors. I am in Sydney and consulting with Dr ellis Choy on Friday. If you want to pm that fine. Then you can see my pre implant and post photos.
  10. Thanks vlinder. Can I ask who was your surgeon? what size did you start out with and what are you now? How much did your body absorp each time? Thanks again I believe they are causing a few issues in my body and to be honest I have never loved that fake look. Don't get me wrong I love them when wearing clothes that covers them but when naked, in small tank tops I don't love them. I literally hide them away as I think they make me top heavy and I have never worn a bikini since having them. Only the bathers that have a high neck. Also one side has always been sore and it keeps getting worse. I have also got lumps in that breast since getting them which are benign but I am over having biopsies and ultrasounds plus have no upper body strength at all anymore as they make working out very hard.
  11. Summer37

    Dr David Chin

    Has anyone used Dr David Chin in brisbane? What for and what was your experience?
  12. Has anyone had fat grafting to the breast? I would love to know your experience?
  13. Summer37

    Back under the knife again!

    how did you go? which doc are you using? can I ask how many sizes you went up after fat tramsfer? Have you got pics at all? I need my implants removed as I believe they can/are making me sick. I was flat as a board before though so hoping I could get to a b cup