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    BL (lollipop) & BA 200cc Round Moderate Plus Projection
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    Dr Visnu @ PIAC , 23/8/14
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  1. Hi VenomViiixen I had BL & BA just to fill my DD cup again and Im really happy with the results. I was very deflated / saggy D (used to be full DD), and now Im between full DD / E. No one of my friends have noticed it ... yay for that! Mind you I haven't danced around with skimpy tops either but the fuller look is what I was after and I got it.
  2. Has anyone felt ripples around your breasts? When Im half laying in my bed, resting against the bed frame , I can feel several ripples in inner side of my boobs. I only have to touch gently my skin , and underneath I can feel the ripples. Right hand side is worse than left, you cant see anything but I can clearly feel the ripples. Is this normal? Any advise would be welcome , slowly starting to worry! Its been 13 months since I had BA & BL and haven't had any problems but should I be worried about this one? Thank you!
  3. I had my BL & BA in Phuket at PIAC with Dr Visnu and couldnt be more satisfied & happy
  4. I went exactly what my PS recommended, I wanted to look as natural as possible and he did amazing job!
  5. I waited 5 months and then wore a proper sport bra that supported my boobs, and I didnt feel a thing!
  6. Its been 6 months now since my BA (200cc round moderate) & BL and the scars are slowly healing. My skin has stretched around the areola area even tho Ive been wearing post surgical bra ever since (24/7) as well as Siltape. I only stopped Siltape 3 days ago but when I do sport I will still put Siltape on. I contacted my PS regarding of the matter and this was his response: 1) The scars around the areola seem to be “stretched” outside of the skin, is this normal A. This can happen due to skin laxity and elasticity. 2) How does my asymmetry look like? A. The asymmetry is minimal and does not require surgical procedure correction. 3) Do I need a revision? or A lift? A. Not necessary 4) I also find that my areola area is lot bigger than it used to be, before had harder nipples leaving less areola skin around. A. In fact the areola tissue remains the same, but the lifting and augmentation has stretched the areolar tissue. Sensation alteration can be expect after breast lift surgery. Does anyone have similar experiences? Would love to receive feedback
  7. I was quoted in Australia between 16,000 - 21,000 for BL & BA, decided to have the operation done at PIAC (approx $7300)
  8. When I was considering of having BL done, I asked myself am I happy to way Im right now? Is it affecting my self-esteem? Sexual desire? Would it be worse to have BL. The answer to myself was that I was extremely unhappy with my boobs and it started to affect how I view myself on the mirror so I decided to go ahead with the operation. It was the best decision I made, Im more happier with everything
  9. I had BL & BA (implant is very small size), I don't think I would ever been the same size with the BL only. I had lost fair bit of breast tissue which BA replaced it really well. I would say my boobs are the same size now what they used to be years ago but its only because of the implant. I had a consultation with another PS who said my boobs would be the same size which I remember pondering of how could they? The PS who did my operation refused to do BL only, according to him I was going to be happy with the result. Now looking back, he was absolutely right! Im so happy that I listened to his advise and got the implants as well.
  10. No regrets at all! Im 6 month post and my scars are still visible but Im hoping in time they will fade. Ive been using Siltape 24/7 with surgical bra but from today onwards I will just use oil containing A&E vitamin to heal the skin. Im more confident wearing singlets, tops etc , I feel more attractive than before , it was the best decision I ever made, now only wishing I would have done it earlier! My boobs have settled and dropped, most people didnt even notice that I had BL & BA done. After 6 months I don't find that my boobs are that perky or they sit high at all , I actually have to use a bra to push them up a little bit. Apparently I don't need a lift anytime soon, according to the PS everyones skin has a different elasticsity and I found that mine stretched a little bit around the areola area. Originally I didnt ask for perky boobs either, only natural ones so I got what I wished for. If u would like to see pics, just send FR All the best for your journey!
  11. I had a BL with implants and after 4 months , my both nipples sensation is normal ... phew!
  12. Im still using Siltape 24/7 after 4 months of the operation
  13. Mari

    PIAC follow ups

    I didnt receive any emails or follow up calls , however when I had an enquiry regarding my recovery, the reply from my PS was fast.
  14. Big Booty, I noticed slight difference, I will update my pics in the next few days. I contacted my PS regarding this but he said wait until 6 months before the final assessment.
  15. Is there anyone with thin lips that have had fillers to plump up a bit? If you did, which product did you choose ? I got thin upper lips which are slowly pointing downwards which is making me to look sad . Its almost like the gravity has hit the chin! Any recommendations would be greatly taken Mari
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