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    BA hopefully in late 2015! Still having a hard time deciding between Dr Miroshnik and Dr Tavakoli - so send any recommendations my way :)
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    Miroshnik or Tavakoli but still deciding
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    174cm/57kg/AA wanting to go to a natural looking C (teardrop)

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  1. Thanks for sharing, and you look incredible!! Those are some amazing results. Can I ask what size you were to start off with? You got such a natural smooth looking result.
  2. I haven't even heard the name before. You should tell her not to rush it and don't skimp out on a good doctor just so it can be done at a convenient time. Its not worth having a sub-par boob job that you will either have to live with for the next 10+ years or have to fork out the money all over again to get them fixed. Wait a bit and go in the mid semester holidays if you can get a reputable doctor then. Don't risk it! And good luck whatever she decides to do
  3. Hey Dotcm, did you have the furries or just smooth/textured? Thats so unfortunate it happened twice to you.
  4. Yeah I definitely agree he is well and truly biased towards them and just doing the hard sell. Its difficult to get a honest unbiased answer when there's a lot thats still unknown about implants. My main concern is that if I have an autoimmune disease my body will reject the implant and I was hoping the furries (with the polyurethane covering) would help lessen the likelihood of capsular contracture happening. I feel a bit worried that if I get just normal textured I'll be at a higher risk... So hard to tell though, and every doctor will say something different.
  5. Update: I had a consultation with Dr Fleming in Brisbane and he said there wasn't any correlation or links between autoimmune diseases and implants, so its not really something to worry about. However I still remain a bit skeptical as I'm scared these doctors are trying to make a sale, but I think maybe I will be leaning more towards the furries to avoid this problem...
  6. I did a search before I posted this but it's all more regarding developing an autoimmune disease because of the implants or silicon, and not much to do with capsular contracture. Anyone have any personal experiences with it?
  7. Hey ladies, just wondering if there is anyone out there who knows if there is any problems with having an autoimmune disease (eg hashimotos, lupus etc) and getting capsular contracture after having implants put in? I've been researching for years now and just recently realised the possibility that I may develop an autoimmune problem as my mother has one. I've been tested and nothing has come up so far, but autoimmune problems are something that can develop and are commonly a genetic thing :/ since autoimmune diseases attack foreign objects and its own objects in the body, would it be likely that it would cause CC around the implants? Does anyone have any experience with capsular contracture being a result of autoimmune reactions? And will doctors be less likely to operate if they know it's a likelihood? Thanks in advance!
  8. Bella2, I think you'll find with some surgeons that if they aren't too skilled with one type then they will do anything to sway you to the ones they are comfortable working with, at the cost of not giving you your desired results... I had one company try to convince me that anatomicals would make my breasts look 'pendular' if I had anatomicals, and that rounds would give me a more natural result - and with my lack of breast tissue and thin skin I know rounds would make them look SO fake! After doing a bit of research on them it became apparent they didn't use anatomicals at all because they weren't trained to use them... So its definitely best to get another opinion, preferably from a surgeon who is confident with all types of implants so that they can give you the best (most unbiased) options for your body type. Good luck! x
  9. Boobwish, did your PS advise you against getting the fibroadenomas removed during breast surgery? I've recently been diagnosed with one about 2x1cm in each breast and am trying to figure out if I need to have them removed when I have my breast augmentation, or whether they can just stay in... Seems like a good opportunity to get them out though if I'm already going to be under the knife... Any advice appreciated!!
  10. Wow congrats! They look amazing - he did a really good job, you must be so ecstatic! May I ask what your stats are? I'm aiming for results similar to yours, and they fit your body perfectly
  11. Congrats on your new additions! Hope they bring you all the confidence and happiness that we all hope for Do you have any pictures up so far? I've been chopping and changing my mind about which surgeon to go with and I'm starting to consider Dr Fleming after all these good reviews... mind if I send you a friend request? x
  12. Hi Lolos, just sent you a FR if that's okay? Would love to see your results with Dr Boonchai as I've heard he is a fantastic Dr at PIAC
  13. Thanks for posting this! Puts a lot of those hard brazilian rumours to rest. They look fantastic by the way!
  14. Here's a link to my post I made recently, the girls have been super helpful and there is some great info in the thread I'm also in the process of deciding between the two - textured is more common but brazilians are said to have better Capsular Contracture rate... I think the general consensus so far is to pic a fantastic surgeon and go with what they recommend as they are veterans in implants. Good Luck! x
  15. Phuket PIAC is the place to go if you're after breast surgery I believe. They hold a very high standard and I have only heard good things from there, and many of the girls on here will tell you how good it is! Bangkok is a bit hit and miss, I've heard mixed things from those hospitals so I believe your safest bet would be to stick with PIAC Phuket unless of course you've done plenty of research I think PIAC may recommend some places to stay but it's easy enough to have a look on Trip Advisor and see whats nearby or within transport range, plus they give you free transfers to and from your hotel. Good luck with it, I'm still doing my research too!
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