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    Silimed 440cc MD Textured, under the muscle. Periareola incision with a lift, and a benign lump removal.
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    New boobies 11th September 2015 with Dr Mansoor Mirkazemi
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    166cm, 59kg, hoping for a storm in a D cup!
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  1. I am 14 months post op and still have most of my breasts numb - it is one of the risks with BA. That being said, you are still VERY early on to be even thinking about that.
  2. My surgeon was happy for me to sleep however I was comfortable as well. I stayed upright for only a couple of nights.
  3. I had my BA's with Mansoor - I cant recommend him highly enough. Good luck at your consult!
  4. Check out intimo - their website has their range - lots of sexy, and a superb sports bra as well!
  5. I went with Mansoor Mirkazemi in Melbourne - he is amazing and definitely worth you booking a consult with. He charges $9K
  6. Definitely wait 3 months before spending any decent money on good quality bra's. Until then, I would stick with your post op bra and crop tops.
  7. Definitely no LJ for post surgery - take it from a woman that works for LJ! Go with some nice soft trackie pants/yoga pants, a singlet you can pull up from your feet, and a cardigan or waterfall cardigan. We are talking PJ quality comfort, with not a care for how you look! Slippers, Uggs, and thongs are also acceptable footwear - dont wear anything with laces that need doing up, or anything that will be too tight if your feet swell during surgery.
  8. I cant see any signs of bottoming out to be honest. They both look quite even, and the nipple is sitting in the middle of the breast. Its really hard to miss when the implant has bottomed out, very obvious My first implants bottomed out, and quite quickly. Feel free to FR me if you want to see
  9. seamless bra's are great as an alternative to your post op bra. Whilst the normal LJ ones might be too tight, the LJ seamless bra's are pretty damn awesome, and were a godsend for me in my recovery. Kmart and Target also sell some great ones. Not sure what size implant you got, but the Target ones have great coverage for the larger breast.
  10. Crop tops are great, seamless ones seem to be the most comfortable in my experience. Other than that, your post op bra should be comfortable enough to wear 24/7. Check with your surgeon though as they all have different rules regarding bra's, what sort, etc etc
  11. I am also a Mansoor girl, and also got brazilian implants. They are definitely not for everyone but I adore mine. They are firm but not hard
  12. There is nothing like your own bed, your own familiar smells, and your own things after having surgery. I would always take the going home option if possible. Also have a look at Mansoor Mirkazemi at $9K
  13. Sigh.....you are making me want bigger boobies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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