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    Booked to have BA on 21st July
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    21.07.2014 getting 365cc textured round silicon
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    176cm/64kg/A cup

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  1. I am almost 12 weeks post op and am feeling kind of the odd shooting pain in my boob and the odd sort of itchy feeling on one side and top of breast. Am worried this is start of cc??!
  2. Hey there, I'm similar stats to you and got the 365cc (although was more a 10a). Also had breast width of 12.5. Send friend request to see my pics if you'd like
  3. Oh and one more question, is there anyone you can recommend on the Gold Coast as I'm in northern NSW and am limited for choices down here? Thank you
  4. Hi Donatella, I'm really curious about the voluma as I'm getting what it think are referred to as 'smokers lines' on my top lip, even though I don't smoke! I have quite full lips already but the lines around my mouth area are getting worse now that I'm in my late thirties. I want to get rid of them but am scared of getting that pouty look as my lips are already full. Also how long does it take for swelling to go down when it's done so it's not obvious? And how much does it hurt to get done? Sorry for all the questions
  5. Yep I just showered with my back to the water and let it run down over the rest of me, that way there isn't any pressure on your boobs but you can still get clean!
  6. Oh that's good to know! So many weird sensations
  7. Has anyone experienced weird shootings pains or tightness after 10weeks! Mine have been fine and suddenly this week I've had some odd pains.....hmmm I hope they are ok. X
  8. Hi there, you are pretty much the same stats as me but I'm 2cm taller and I definitely think it will get you there. Keep in mind though that it is different for everyone one. I had breast width of 12.5 and was a 10A or 8B. I got round textured 365cc and have home to a 10E or 12DD. I was only after a C or D cup but am really happy with the size now. Send me a FR and you can see my pics
  9. Sandi

    try again

    I'm similar stats to you and got 365cc high profile and they are quite perky I feel but still look soft too
  10. Thanks Vivian! Atleast they are not under....they are still changing so I guess it may still happen
  11. I was just wondering if the scar stays in the crease for the long term or should the crease drop down lower then the scar after the boobs drop and fluff?
  12. Yes mine became super sensitive which finally subsided after 5 weeks. My nipples were kind of saggy looking before due to breast feeding bit now they are filled out and not saggy anymore which is nice. They aren't bigger just look the way they are meant to now
  13. Haha that's great! I think it really varies so much on the individual too. I had round textured HP so don't know if that makes any difference but you can see my before pictures as to what size I was. I was a little shocked at first but love them now x
  14. Hi there, was just reading your comments on getting 365cc for C/D and thought I'd share my experience too. I'm 176cm and 64kg and got 365 cc (was told I'd get either a 10D or 12C). I was a 10A and now post op am either 10DD or 10E!
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