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  1. I'm a Physio. Took 3 weeks off. It was about right. Some things still were uncomfy for a while but not enough to do damage. I just altered how I did things.
  2. I was recommeded Brazilians due to my high activity levels. There is less chance of rotation as they stick to the chest wall very early and don't tend to move much. I run and swim a lot so this suited me better. Yes, they are meant to take a longer to soften but according to the surgeons I saw, by 9-12 months they are very close to being as soft as other inplants. I was told to be patient.
  3. I got moving fairly quickly- walking 1hr a day for the first 2 weeks, then on a stationary bike + walking between weeks 2 and 6. At 6 weeks I was back starting to rebuild me normal routine. Now I'm lighter than I have been in 10 years. I have 285cc. I was 56 pre op, now 54. I did probably put on 1-2 kg initially post op with constipation and inactivity, but it didn't last as I tried to eat sensibly. Good luck. Just eat well, drink lots of water and walk!!
  4. Depends on what they do in there and how careful your surgeon is. You can be great. It can be horribly painful. But like BA's in that regard. I see these all the time as a Physio. Take the meds they give you for a few days. Ice and elevate heaps. Wouldn't recommend being on your feet all days saturday unless you get crutches to take some weight off your leg. Still not wise. You can make these much worse by doing the wrong thing in the first few days post op. There will be other tattoo expos. Not worth it. You'll be able to go up stairs leading with your good leg only initially. But like an old person....
  5. I was 2-3 nights in a bean bag then back into bed with a few extra pillows. Getting out of the beanbag solo at 3am to get more panedine forte was a mission. I was like a beached whale.
  6. I had a BA with Daniel in oct 2014. I'm really happy. He gave me exactly what I asked for with regard to size/shape. He was very honest about expectations. Can't fault him. Breast decision I've made in years
  7. I ran at 6 weeks to the day. I just wear a firm sports bra and I don't even feel them bounce. I'm not very big tho. Had 285cc. Just do whatever your surgeon say tho!
  8. Id assume that was overkill unless you are particularly at risk of a DVT. Was never mentioned to me. There is no reason why you can't be up and regularly walking small distances intermittently through the day. We are generally not the demographic for post op dvt's BUT just do whatever your surgeon says. Might be worth clarifying.
  9. Rice sizers are so much chunkier than the implants. See if you can have a sizing session wearing the 2 different sized implants in a crop top. I did this...took photos and then decided in my own time at home. I felt very top heavy with 285cc rice sizers and not at all the same with the implants in a crop. Implants squish.
  10. There have been a few over time on this forum who felt their boobs are too big for their frame, but not many. The majority seem to wish they went bigger. Personally, I'm happy with what I have. For me i'd regret going too big much more than going too small. I factored this into my size decision. Good luck
  11. Walking from the day after the op- slowly for 1hr + I had heart rate limits as my CS knows I am obsessive about exercising. I was told no run, swim or outdoor bike for 6 weeks. Could do indoor bike after 2 weeks. No chest for 6 weeks Lunges and squats etc I could do from 2 weeks as long as HR stayed within limits. Every surgeon is different. Just do what yours tells you!! :-)
  12. $11,990 Fleming Brazilians. Teardrop. Under muscle. 285cc This was general anaesthetic day procedure
  13. I've been sleeping on my tummy no dramas since about 10 weeks. I have 285cc. It just took a little getting used to at first. Now I don't think about it.
  14. Get him to think about the change he will see in you post op. My boyf liked my little boobs but I hated them so much I hid them behind padded bras and rarely let him touch them. Now I free boob all the time and am happy for him to play. He loves this change in me more than he loved my little boobies. To be honest, I think he slightly preferred my boobs before the op but a) they will still soften and become more natural and I love them so much more I don't care!!
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