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  1. I'm booked in for a consult for autologous fat graft to the breasts using fat from my stomach and thighs - has anyone had this done by Allan Kalus?
  2. I'm booked in for a consult with Allan Kalus, plastic surgeon in Windsor, Melbourne for a breast fat transfer procedure, taking fat from my tummy and thighs to increase my cup size. I have been considering a BA with implants for years but then thought maybe I would try this first. Wondering if anyone has had this done with him?
  3. Hi the Fox, I think with silicone implants MRIs are required periodically to check for ruptures, and MRIs involve extra exposure to radiation, and despite the cohesiveness of the silicone implants, I've read that sometimes with ruptured silicone implants the silicone can still spread to the lymph nodes. I'm probably being paranoid as there's likely not a lot of consequence with silicone in the body, I guess I just would feel better if it was saline in my body in case of a rupture rather than silicone, in case I'm unlucky and am allergic to silicone. I think its a personal preference.
  4. hi - does anyone know if anyone in Melbourne is using the Ideal Implant? I've been reading about it. It has the benefits of a silicone implant - holding its shape, feels natural etc and has the benefits of saline - the implant is made up of saline
  5. i did make an enquiry with Dr Tavakoli and sent him my photos and he said I could get back to rowing after a short time. so i think different plastic surgeons have different opinions on how they want you to maintain your BA post op
  6. Dr M also told me no flys, dips, push ups, rowing - I took that to then mean possibly I couldn't do mountain climbers or planks. I like boot camp type classes so I've been going to my classes to see if i can substitute the chest exercises and still get a good work out. I don't know if my substitutes necessarily give me the same effect, but it's still something and I still work up a sweat. The instructors tell me to do bridges with hip raises with 1 leg in the air instead of planks, russian twists instead of mountain climbers, with the TRX instead of doing a plank on my front with the legs through the TRX I do it on my back and do bicycle legs. so I think I can still get a good workout without engaging too much of my chest muscles, so am feeling better that I won't have to change my exercise habits for my new additions when I get them
  7. Hey Miss H - I spoke to Dr M for a phone consult - and he suggested dual plane anatomical implants, which means I can't do intense rowing (which i love) or some chest exercises long term. I'm keen to have my BA asap but just worried about the exercise - as I don't like running and don't want to put on weight after the BA. I read that you have subfascial implants done by him - wondering if there is a reason why he did subfascials for you? 

  8. hi all thanks for the interesting input re silicone and auto immune conditions. i am still seriously considering getting a BA and wondering if there is some kind of silicone injection in a small isolated spot that mimics an implant so we can see if we have an allergic reaction before getting the implants placed ?
  9. hi bec! just wondering with your revision for cc with tim brown did you have to pay? i'm tossing up between dr miroshnik and tim brown - would like to ideally see someone in Melbourne as I live here. One of the big pluses for  Tim brown is his surgical warranty (i think it means he waives his fees, and then because he uses nagor and they have a lifetime warranty against cc - you don't pay? not sure about this) also after reading the nagor warranty versus the mentor warranty (Dr Miroshnik uses mentor) it seems the nagor company will honour the warranty for cc more readily than mentor does ?

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    2. cathbond


      no worries :)  still tossing up - can't decide. that's awesome that you didn't have to pay and that you got subfascial - i think that's what i want, just worried because i have such little tissue on top that they might look fake. no i haven't seen tim yet, have been thinking about Dr Miroshnik a lot but just worried about if i have revisions, the extra costs of flying to Sydney etc. i like a lot of Tim's photos - so it's pretty much a toss up between Dr Miroshnik and Tim. so great you like Tim - he sounds like a pretty honest guy, if he can stand behind his warranty. thanks Miss bec :) 

    3. Miss Bec

      Miss Bec

      Your most welcome. He really was great and the scar from the fix up is so perfect! I think they pretty real and sometimes the full unders can have the fake look about them too.! 

      I had 3 kids before my first ba and had literally no tissue..... I think stay close to home for the opp. Tim is great. Plus their is plenty of others in Melbourne area. Good luck babe and keep me posted xxx

      I go to the gym too and they only look fake at the moment when I am doing chest (flexing the muscle a lot) check out my photos and if you want more let me know xx

    4. cathbond


      hey miss bec! sorry for this extremely late reply! don't know why i didn't see this post earlier. i think you are right about staying close to home. tim has such great photos on his website and the subfascial placement so i can keep on doing boot camps, push ups, dips, flys etc is something i have to factor in otherwise i don't know what other exercise i can do. thanks so much again :) 


  10. Thanks so much for the photos - excitedforboobs - they look amazing! I would be really happy if I got results like yours post op
  11. This is for the Miroshnik ladies who travel interstate to see him - I've got him at the top of my list even though I'm from Melbourne - his photos are amazing, and I can't seem to find anyone from Melbourne who has as many photos with beautiful results as him. Wondering - are there any/many post op visits required after the BA? - does he offer any sort of warranty? I was reading that Tim Brown offers to replace ruptured implants with no charge (except you just need to pay for hospital, anaesthetist) I think Mentor has a lifetime warranty for ruptures? - would you recommend the face to face consultation over the phone consultation as to whether or not to use him as my surgeon? - are there any other long term considerations for being an interstate patient of Dr Miroshnik?
  12. has anyone heard of david morgan, plastic surgeon based in Brighton?
  13. hi ladies, thanks for all the posts. what brand of implants does Dr Miroshnik use? I can't seem to find that info on his website. I'm deciding between him, Tim Brown and Mark Ashton. I'm from Melbourne so ideally would love to see someone in Melbourne but Dr M's photos are amazing and he seems to really be able to produce beautiful results. I want squishy boobs - I heard Nagor is very good in that respect, but also want an implant that is reliable, minimal chance of cc
  14. Hi everyone, just wondering how you feel with the extra weight - I'm an A cup and wanting to go about a C+ cup size. I have read some reviews from some ladies saying they couldn't stand the extra weight so then decided to explant - so wondering if there is any way you can tell what sort of weight you can tolerate before deciding on the final size?
  15. Thanks so much ladies! I've been worried about what sort to get as I really want them to feel natural. so great to hear you are happy !
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