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    New Zealand
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    First BA 2000, 300cc mcgahn teardrop(got capsular contraction-deformed)....hated them!
    Second BA 3 weeks ago, 360cc HI Natural Silimed Textured, on top of muscle (was supposed to go under, muscle had calcification so hard from last BA had to go on top) and mastoplexy. Too big hate them. Love the Mastoplexy.
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    4 June 2014
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    164cm 65kg, don't know what size yet

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  1. Is it just me or has June boobies gone and reversed itself!? Geez I'm still sleeping on my back and only 2 nights ago started sleeping flat...was hoping if I stayed vertical it would encourage them to come down. Can't stand the thought of sleeping sideways yet, mind you I have got more weight/pull than most. Scared I might wake up and they will stay like it HA!
  2. I am 4weeks post op, BA and mastopexy. Was a 12FF asked for C/D -D ended up marginally smaller, I can squeeze into a 12DD but basically fit the bra that I went in with. The lift is the best thing ever but I would go armed with lots of photos of exactly the size you want to look. Going by cup size I think is a bit if a recipe for disaster, look how different c's and d's are in different bra brands. I wish I had just said err on the side of too small than too big.
  3. Boobwish read Nataliiee's post above, worked for me.
  4. Nataliiee I hear ya, I don't understand the friend request thing. Vivian and Nadine sent one and I never actually pushed accept anywhere and I see thy are on my friend list...which I wanted but not sure I want every request to be automatic!
  5. It was last Monday when we were down. It went really well, she wasn't rushed for once and totally wants me to be happy and can see they are not the C/D - D that I asked for. She is going to put a payment plan in place for me which is great. Still it's bloody annoying I have to pay anything, it's not what I wanted and it's costing me 10k. If I went to the hairdressers and was given the wrong colour you don't pay a thing. I know it's different but 10k! Request welcome. How do you accept it, Vivian did it work for you?
  6. No probs, I wouldn't hurry HA, at least I'm laughing now, can't cry anymore.
  7. Oh well here goes...pics are up :-/
  8. Holy crap this new site arghhhhhhhhhh! Sorry if I haven't replied to anyone I can't work this thing yet.
  9. Same here, why did you go with them or why did your surgeon say to get them? Do you have the fake look where you can see the implants at the top most part?
  10. I can't see pics. So Iwantbigboobies are yours overs?
  11. I have had that procedure and personally I would say get to the goal weight first for sure! I had the worst stretch marks the surgeon had ever seen, they went more than 10cm above my belly button, it will be life changing, it was the best thing I ever did. Do it for sure but make the most if it by getting down to goal weight. I agree you can probably do it in time, get running and get it off, if it was 2 or 3 kg then I would ok but was it 9 you said I would wait. I lost 25kgs to have mine, was worth the wait. I think you can do it RUN, I hate running but boy you can lose some weight that way. Good luck you will love it!
  12. Ha Nataliiee I see we have the same birthday! You are exactly half my age. It can take months to get sensation back I've heard don't lose hope, the nerves can regrow together it just takes time. I have feeling in lefty but not the right yet. Where are the photos now on this site? I didn't have any bloating, sounds like it was pretty awful, you are all past the worst of it and perfect timing fir getting the girls out for summer. Been thinking of you iwantbigboobies, Nataliiee and Nadine all week, and checking in. I thought for a bit it was just me and the old girl had been thrown off the site. I saw my surgeon, she was actually nice, nicest she had ever been. She has said she will redo them and even work out a payment plan which is nice, she seemed to really want me to be happy with them. She can see that they are no where near the C/D leaning to D that I asked for. Currently I'm still a FF but I am not the busting out of FF I was. I'm not going to redo until like next May June if I go ahead with it, hate the thought if doing it again...what if they end up worse, with CC or something argh. She gave me a strap to wear for a few hours a day to get them down, the seem a little better, still look like balloons stuck on my chest, it's still the top of the that is the worst, the upper pole bulge, no gentle sweep down from my chin lets say, I sweep down then BOING! If the implants were the 'enhance' type or just smaller I think you wouldn't see it so badly. Remember though I had to overs because my muscle had calcified solid from the last ones.
  13. OMG Iwantbigboobies I have been dying to hear about your op...and see them, any pics up yet. Great to hear your happy with them!
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