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  1. Your results are so fantastic I was seriously blown away :)

  2. HI Win . . I haven't got any photos up as yet. I had weight loss, two babies and needed volume. First surgeon I saw recommended a lift and implant around 250cc, I went to a second surgeon and was told my all a lift would do would be to raise the nipple and as I was borderline a larger implant for my larger BWD would be successful and if I still wasn't happy we could talk lift afterwards and he would only charge the gap to what the implant would be. I had surgery last week, im 6 days post op and went with 465cc dual plane extra high profile round. I am amazed at how they are lifted and filled and I was a deflated 12c and would now be a 12d. They are amazing. I have a 7 month old, and a two year old and the pain is less than I thought and I have definitely done more with the kids than I should have. I have hubby helping and recruited my brother here for a week to help out with lifting. The surgeon told me he was so happy with how they turned out and I wont have a lift at all now. Ill try get some photos up for you as I lost 50kgs before I had kids, then breastfed the boys (first for six months, second only for 6 weeks)....So I definitely would see a couple surgeons before making a decision xx
  3. Hi nikstar I would love a copy of that book! Please! X
  4. Hi Becca, and ladies - im having a BA/BL with Dr Tim Brown on 17/9 as well I have a 7 month old and a 2.3 year old. I have booked them into daycare for two full weeks and have help coming at 530 to assist me getting them fed dressed and to daycare. then hubby will collect them in the afternoon. Ive also paid for my 23 year old brother to come to Melbourne for a week to visit us all and also be my helper. I am worried but all your tips and help make me feel a lot better! Not long now! Feel free to fr me, Hchyx
  5. Hi Cricket! Im in Melbourne and going with Mr Tim Brown, hes so close to my home so it helps for me : Three weeks is going to fly by im starting to have lots of feelings! You will certainly get medicare, but I didn't have private insurance either. The first surgeon I saw put it bluntly, either pay for private insurance for 12 months or just put that money towards the boobs and have them earlier. So I agreed with that. Although medicare and private health was never a contributing factor for me to get them done, after about 50kg weight loss before I had children, then kids and breastfeeding this was always on the cards and I just need to get them done soon as I have the help around me now More than happy for you to fr me honey xo
  6. HI there! Im having a BA/BL in three weeks - the medicare item number is 45558, Mastoplexy and was about $1300 back if approved. The parameter for approval is for 12 months from the last child being born to 7 years. So as I have a 7 month old I couldn't claim Medicare and im going next month boooo! But it wasn't about the rebate to me, I just need to have surgery soon while I have help as next year the help wont be here! I was quoted 13800 for lift plus implant
  7. I cant wait until I can look back at my pre-op pictures and realise how much better things are!!!
  8. Congrats to you honey! Sounds like a great decision especially seeing he commented on the size of the lump! I really enjoyed reading your story, be sure to keep updating us of your progress and rest up! H x
  9. Hi guys, I'm having a bl and BA on 17/9. Very excited! Have no idea what size or anything yet as consulting a second time in two weeks. would love to friend request you all going or been through the same thing
  10. I'm booked in 17/9 and getting a lift, don't want it but also want my boobs perky and after two kids and a significant amount of weight loss it's the best idea I think
  11. Hi there! Welcome and congrats! That's an awesome effort, three kids and bf! I have two; my first is 2 and my baby is 6 months. I stopped bf at six weeks and also had significant weight loss before I had kids so having my ba after my boys was always on the cards. I'm booked in in six weeks in melbourne! I'm so excited! I am having a lift and augment with dr Sophie ricketts; she was recommended to me from someone in the industry and she's fantastic, kind and not driven by the boob industry!
  12. Hchy14

    BA & BL

    Thanks ladies you have certainly again made me realise that everyone is different. I guess I didn't want to go into it to have massive boobs but I also worry that I won't get them big enough after paying the money! And also good to know about looking after the kids, I'm thinking of changing surgery to earlier so I have more help. So worried about picking up the kids!!!!! Thanks so much guys
  13. Hi there I'm booked for both procedures in Melbourne in six weeks! Pretty excited but also worried as I have two kids (2.2 and 6months) and just want some reassurance. I have seen the surgeon and she said she would recommend a 250cc but in the world of implants it seems so small? I'm due for a preop consult in three weeks and we eill discuss size but any others that have had both have issues about what size? I know bra size isn't accurate but I already wear a 12c/d to lift my boobs up after dramatic weight loss (103kg now 57kg) and two bf children! I'm also concerned about recovery, I have my husband and I've asked my brother to come help but I'm back at work at two weeks into an office job size is worrying me tho, maybe I already have a fair bit of tissue? Who knows!
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