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  1. Hi ladies, I had my surgery at PIAC three months ago......I'm wondering who you have seen for a check up consult since your surgery? Your GP or another surgeon? I've seen a GP but she wasn't very helpful and quite rude. I dont have any issues but I guess I'm looking for some reassurance that everything is as it should be....and as us overseas girls don't get the after care we would if we had it done here. Thanks
  2. You'd be almost done by now, woohoo! Hope it all went well and you're not in too much pain Good luck with your recovery x
  3. So happy all has gone well, daisy duke. I'm loving mine (his work) Can't wait to see your results (that's not creepy, right?!) haha xx
  4. How exciting!! I remember the emotions only 7 weeks ago. Hope everything goes well. You're in good hands x
  5. Hi Hun, I can't really comment as I ended up having my BA in Phuket (PIAC) however, I did have a consult with Hamish Farrow prior to me making my decision to have my BA overseas. Honestly, if my quote wasn't $13.5K I would pick him 100%. I felt comfortable and he understood exactly the look I was after. He took the time to explain everything and answered all my silly questions. Two of my colleagues have had their BA with Farrow and I can say I love his work. Ashton would've been my second pick for a consult but as I said I choose not to have it done in Aus so didn't bother with a consult. Rubinstein is said to have a 'poor bedside manner' but I don't know too much about him. My suggestion, although it might be expensive is to book a consult with each of them as each persons interactions will be different. You have to feel confident and comfortable with your surgeon. Farrow consult is $200 but with private health you get a rebate. Good luck Miss.A xo
  6. So PIAC replied and advised to wait until 2mths post op. Hope this helps anyone with future queries xo
  7. Firstly, yay congrats on the new additions I'm 6weeks post op and have had complete feeling in my right breast and nipple since surgery but my left boob is numb with no feeling at all. I do feel it sometimes on my skin but no sign of feeling to my nipple . I, like you will be devastated if it doesn't return but I guess that's the risk I took when having them done. 4 days is super early. I have no doubt it will return Good luck with your recovery x
  8. So I'm 6 weeks post op and my skin is in desparate need of some TLC. By that I mean a deep cleanse and exfoliation - my regular day to day products just aren't working after my nose cheeks and forehead being strapped with plaster for two weeks and not being able to breathe. And due the Thai sun I have a few more lines and freckles haha. So, my question is, is it safe to have these treatments so soon after surgery? The bridge of my nose is still sore to touch, tip is slightly numb but getting feeling back slowly and swollen. Hmmm did I just answer my own question!? Would love to get your opinions all the same xx PS I've emailed PIAC and waiting a reply PPS I'm very very happy with my results. Dr Rushapol did an outstanding job on nose and boobies Whoop Whoop bring on summer!!!
  9. Hi njf86, I'm not sure you got the info you asked for. I had both procedures done 3 weeks ago with Dr Rushapol. BA cost me 130000 baht $4300 and Rhino 150000 baht $4900 I couldn't tell you in Australian dollars due to conversion rates but I've put an approx of what I paid. Hope this helps Good luck Ps I couldn't be happier with my progress and results thus far
  10. Hi tamielia, I went 375 but originally was set on 325s until my consult. I'm very happy with this size however my surgeon did say I could go up to 395s but I felt they were too big and not what I was looking for. The 375s are perfect for my shape. What is your hip dimension? Mine is 87cms, waist is 65cms. Hope that helps I'll accept FR as well x
  11. I'm feeling great however I do have side boob pain quite often after massaging them. With regards to placement.. it depends on how much breast tissue you have. Dr R said you lose 10% of the implant/look going sub but gives a more of a natural look. I had the discussion with him at the consult and he said I could do dual plane and still get the fullness I was after. Hard to distinguish in photos who has had sub vs dual. As for recovery, im not sure but dual plane is tearing the breast wall in two. In saying that, everyone recovers differently xx
  12. Hi Rachel, yes this correct. No underwire or push up bras. I purchased compression bras from breastcarewa (google it). They were pretty expensive but quick delivery and they were very friendly and called me to ensure I was purchasing the right items for my after care. A lot of girls on here though have stated they bought crop tops from kmart and target. Think I'll be doing the same once I'm home from Thailand. Good luck with you upcoming surgery
  13. Hi yes I had Rhino and BA done two weeks ago by dr Rushapol at PIAC in Phuket. FR if wish to pics but they aren't pretty haha. You can see costs on there website. I paid 150000 Thai baht for rhino. I would highly recommend. Minimum 14 day stay though for follow up appts.
  14. Oh hun it does get better, I promise. I'm two weeks post op tomorrow and I'm feeling better each day. I can do most things (still can't wash hair though). Don't push yourself but going for short walks will help loosen everything up. I was in agony the first week and couldn't stand up straight either. The tightness in your chest is normal just take a few deep breathes until it passes and take a break if you're out and about walking. Don't over do it. You're not alone xx
  15. Hi Melsey, for dual plane its 130000. It states that on there website. I was originally quoted for unders 115000 based on my pics etc but I knew i wanted dual plane so it would cost 130000 and budgeted for that. If you're unsure i would email PIAC. They are very helpful and quick to reply
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