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  1. I actually did this to my rice sizers anyway!. I also made sure to tie mine tight enough to get the projection right too (perfectionist haha).
  2. To anyone who has come out of surgery feeling like they didn't go big enough. I took measurements, there is hope! Pre op: Full 12a/10b 6 days post op: Bust 93cm Under bust 73cm (swollen) 3 weeks post op: Bust: 93cm Ribcage: 69cm Waist: 65cm Hips: 83cm Bum: 94cm Height: 166cm Weight: 54kg 3 weeks post op: 10e 6 weeks post op: Bust: 98cm Ribcage: 69cm Waist: 65cm Hips: 83cm Bum: 94cm Weight: 54kg 6 weeks post op: busting out of a 10e I have also gone from coming out of surgery with a 4 finger gap to a 1 - 1.5 finger gap.
  3. In my experience you won't be able to get back up from a reclined position without someone completely lifting you. But sitting in the chair should be fine. Although of you are taking pain killers you might be very lethargic and struggle not to fall asleep.
  4. I don't have children. But my experience was; I could has drive at 2 weeks. Although I needed to go very slowly around corners, would only drive short distances of about 5 mins and stuck to 50/60km areas as my turning speed was SLOW, parking in tight spaces was also a bit of a challenge. I was able to drive 100% at 3 weeks. I was fine to do washing at 5 days. Our drier is on the wall, I just lifted only small amounts of washing at a time. Ironing was not possible for the first couple of weeks. Wiping benches, cleaning etc. not possible for 2 - 3 weeks. I could open the fridge carefuly fr
  5. 375cc took me from a 10b to a 10e (which I wore for a whole day today and was left with indentations from the cups on my upper boobs so might need to go up a size :-/).. Sooo I would think that 450cc should well and truly take you past a dd. But sizes vary between brands and everyone's bodies are different. I found it best to just wear rice sizes and pick a size that looked propionate on my frame. I made 300 (looked the same as my add two cup sizes bras), 350 (what I thought I wanted), 400 (looked way to big on my small rib cage). After wearing 350cc for about a week I got boob greed and adde
  6. Love my boobies! I got mind on the 1st of December. Today I was allowed to wear a underwire bra for the first time yay! My right boob is very squishy and dropped first. Leftie took a little bit longer to drop and is a little firmer.
  7. I've read many surgeons saying that it's not possible to accurately predict cup sizes as sizes vary between manufacturers, look different depending on how wide your chest is/ your height etc and we all have different perceptions of what a sizes is. I think it's better to make rice sizes and pick which size you think best suits your frame, rather than getting caught up trying to pick a size. Before going to see my surgeon I made many different rice sizes and wore them for days before deciding tha I wanted 375cc implants. When I met my surgeon I told him I wanted to be a c - d. He suggested
  8. Try putting your shoulders back. I read that the hunching over is actually a mental protective thing. Once I started putting my shoulders back the back pain decreased a lot both during the day and at night. Also walking around and being more active help too - this might help a bit with the post op depression as well. I am also very active, I returned to the gym at day 5 and walked on the treadmill and did some body weight lunges and squats (being careful to keep my heart rate down). I used one of those $100 massage chair things on a daily basis when the back pain set in, it was awesome.
  9. Listed to your body. If it hurts don't do it, if it doesn't hurt go for it . I started doing the laundry at day 6 (being careful to lift just small amounts at any time). I could also cook at day 6 but could not chop anything (frozen veggies and rice was a staple). Wiping down benches, gently cleaning sinks, shower etc at 2 - 3 weeks. I was told no floors for 6 weeks
  10. All of my boob skin was flaky, I would take my bra off and there would be flaky skin in it (yuck). I used a face moisturiser for sensitive/very dry skin on them which sorted it out after a couple of days .
  11. I had this start on day 16 when my right side dropped after going back to work and using my arms more. I literally went into work with two even boobs and came home to find one round boob a and one high oval boob. I made an effort to do any actions I did on my right side with my left hand side to and they evened out after a week
  12. I don't know what implant brand you will be getting but I found that this mentor product catelogue with the implant dimensions helped me. http://www.mentorwwllc.com/pdf/Product_Ref_Guide.pdf I'm sure there are catalogues for other brands to. With mentor the difference between 375cc & 400cc xhp implants is 2mm width and 1mm projection. I doubt that you would even be able to tell the difference.
  13. I got bad back pain at day 3 too. I read that hunching forward is more of a mental protective thing rather than a tightness issue. I started making an effort to keep my shoulders back and walking around more. This got rid of the back pain both during the day and helped a lot with the pain at night.
  14. I think the general rule is if you are going under the muscle you will loose 25 - 50cc off the rice sizes. But I went under the muscle and mine are bigger than the sizers were. I think it depends a lot on your anatomy.
  15. I got a spray tan at 12 days post op. Just kept my incisions covered and got my boobs sprayed lightly (cause the stretched skin gets dry and absorbs more tan). Don't see why it would be an issue? Probably best to call your surgeon and confirm with them though .
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