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    Finesse rhinoplasty.
  1. I would like to know your experiences with and also suggestions for which surgeons would be good at a finesse rhinoplasty- both here in Australia (preferably!) or overseas. The term finesse isn't as commonly referred to in Australia,so really what I'm after is a slight change, a very small refinement to my tip and bridge. I need my tip and bridge narrowed just a little bit and my slight hump shaved a couple millimetres. For this to be done properly, it actually requires a surgeon who is very good as there is more margin for error. He'll need to have a great aesthetic eye with hands to match as he'll need to be very precise! I currently don't have facial harmony (unfortunately!) but would with just a slight refinement so I need someone with a very aesthetic eye who will be good at judging your ideal dimensions.(definitley someone who believes in natural though and not the operated look.) Which surgeon do you think is someone similar to this or who would reccommended for subtly but precisely refining the tip and width of a nose? The surgeons I'm currently looking into are ******, Warwick Nettle, Graeme Southwick, Andrew Greensmith and Tony Holmes so please share opinions on which of them might be best for what I want or other surgens if you can suggest them? (Also, has anyone else also wanted a small change rhinoplasty they could share their experience with?!) Thank you for any replies, I'd truly appreciate absolutely any thoughts or info on this, no matter how small, so please do comment!
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