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    Dr Damian marucci 29 October 2014

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  1. So I'm 18 days post op for a tt and bl healing great and stoked with results the only pain I have is with the muscle repair it's still very tender but my skin is super sensitive on my new stomach even a shirt rubbing of it is very uncomfortable has anyone else experienced this ??
  2. Thanks ladies I'm ecstatic even in the early stages of recovery it can only get better from here best 10 k I've ever spent
  3. Not sure what you mean by pathology I was told that they would be covered by medicare if necessary do you not have private health cover ??
  4. Now post op day 5 and I'm healing well still a little sore to move but am getting more mobile day by day Got my post op appoint tomorrow to have drains removed can't wait as they are the so rest part
  5. So post op day 1 getting my first glimpse at my new flat tummy and perky boobs I couldn't be happier Dr marucci is an absolute gem he is such a bright happy friendly guy he instantly makes you feel comfortable he is a perfectionist as well which is nice for the nerves he saw me 3 times already since surgery and it was only yesterday so very attentive as well he is very pleased with his work which makes me feel great I cant wait to be healed and finally go clothes shopping for some nice stuff for once instead of clothes that hide it all So I get discharged tomorrow and am back next week for post op appointment I am so happy I could cry !!
  6. Sure I'm happy to share my experience with all as if it weren't for this forum I would have had a harder time deciding myself Dr marucci has been amazing he is extremely happy with the results and I can't wait to look myself but it's still a little painful to move and I'm all strapped up but I'm heading home tomorrow can't wait for my own bed the St george private hospital and staff have been great and private room was definitely appreciated No bzaw I didn't want implants and Dr marucci said that I didn't need them as I already had enough volume to mould back into the right perky shape Good luck peachesncream I did consider Dr miroshnik but Dr marucci was cheaper and I had a instant comfort and trust with him with my consult
  7. Ok I'm excited and nervous at the same time for my TT and BL on Wednesday with Dr damian marucci I'm so over organized right now it's driving my husband insane lol I got the medical approval through a few weeks ago and that's when the excitement set in and paying the Dr and the anaethetist made it all the more real I can't believe this time next week I'll be home with a new body
  8. Thanks for the reply panda I'm glad to hear your happy with your results I have 5 weeks till my op and am getting very excited Dr marucci has been amazing so far with helping to get approval from medicare I don't have any doubts about him at all he is a very friendly down to earth kind of guy I'm glad I choose him So your having seconds do you mind me asking what your going back to get done and how many days were you in the hospital for as I'm unsure of how long my stay is expected to be and were you in St george private ??
  9. in my experience so far this is what ive been told to do if you want to get the scheduled fees for your item numbers type them in on this website http://www9.health.gov.au/mbs/search.cfm usually medicare will pay 75% and then your health fund will pay 25% anything on top of that is usually out of pocket expenses im glad i have 12 weeks to sort all this bull out its the most frustrating part
  10. yes thats what i was told to do take my informed financial consent to medicare for approval and if they approve then take it to nib my surgeon also said if they denied my claim he will get the australian plastic surgeons board to look into it cause i meet all the guidelines set by medicare so fingers crossed i dont have any problems with them but thought sharing all this info should help others as i know i had a lot of help reading posts on here before my consult so thanks forum ladies xoxo
  11. so i was informed today by my surgeon that there are new rules coming from private health insurers that are trying to get out of paying for even medically necessary surgeries not sure when this is happening but he said they are all in the process of bringing it into action also the guidelines for breast lifts (breastosis) being covered by medicare is within 7 years of last breast feeding thank god my youngest is 6 tomorrow also my tax agent said the government has gotten rid of the ability to claim any medical costs over 2000 you can do it this year for the last time but only if you did it last year so bugger i missed out on that one can't win em all i guess hope this helps out with anyone thinking of waiting a little longer xoxo
  12. omg NOW im excited dr marucci was absolutely fantastic i didnt have a chance to ask questions as he was sooooo informative and went over everything all the options and outcomes and he also advised against an implant saying he thinks i would get a better result with just a lift as i have the volume there already never thought id hear a dr talking himself outta money so he was great hes very friendly and comfortable and im extremely glad i chose him needless to say im booked in on oct 29th for my new beginning i cannot recommend Dr damian Marucci in Kogarah enough if anyone is ever thinking about going with him you wont be disappointed
  13. I'm seeing Dr damian marucci in kogarah tomorrow about a tt bl and ba anyone out there got any advice on what to make sure I ask about im a little clueless about what to expect or ask any help is appreciated
  14. thanks so much for all your help ladies i have after much deliberation decided to have a consult with dr damian marucci in kogarah but thats not to say ill go with him for surgery just hoping that i like him at the consult cause that will make my decision so much easier if not i will definitely try a few of the surgeons that you suggested fingers crossed xxx my apt is the 4th august ill let you know what he is like for anyone wanting to know for future xoxo
  15. yeah what i got emailed says that but i see that as a ploy to get more money from 2 surgeries it says that he would determine the need for it at a consult but i dont want to consult with 10 diff surgeons at 150 - 300 a consult just to make a decision
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