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  1. I was told by two doctors i wouldnt be suited to rounds, i am now two months post op nearly with very lovely round implants. They look fantastic and not at all fake! Seek others advice if one surgeons makes you feel uneasy.
  2. Yeah similar story, in full, when we got him to the vet he was already infected, she had lied about his vaccinations, she had given him his first puppy immunisation and none after, he was four months old living in campbelltown initially which is riddled with Parvovirus. Initially his diagnoses was gastro and so we had time to get him vaccinated as soon as he was better. When the diagnoses was upraded we couldn't do anything. We spent all up $3000 in a week, on vet bills, food, toys, bedding and shelter, bowls brushes etc. The money means nothing to us now. People need to be stopped. They are not only placing a financial burden on others but an emotionally harrowing one. Were very family orientated people and we see pets as our children of sorts. My partner has rarely cried infront of me in years but this broke him and I too. The long story short is don't buy dogs without proof beyond doubt. I have since found that his vaccination book was filled in dodgily and this angers me. We are pursuing this and have already reported the woman for the safety of her multiple other dogs, unfortunately it could be too late for them aswell. I guess spreading awareness is the best we can do as pet owners.
  3. I know this is off topic a lot but please read this to be aware of the kinds of people that are out there selling animals. I wrote this on my blog for my recently passed pet. This could have been prevented had the previous owner properly cared for her pups. Unfortunately this story is far too common. Thankyou so much to anyone that read it. x Cookie's Story I write this with a heavy heart, but I feel that even if no-one ever reads it I need to tell his story. Cookie was my puppy, we got him last week and initially he seemed in good health. We picked him up on Sunday afternoon. It was my partners birthday and so it was a nice family outing and he was so excited for this puppy. On the drive home he was shakey and a little nervous but after a while with some gentle reassurance he settled into my lap and nodded off to sleep with the occasional wag of his tail. My daughter was instantly besotted with him and just so happy to meet him. They hit it off straight away. The first days were lovely, filled with laughter and happiness, we all loved him. The bond you get with a pet is so special, an instant spark of friendship beyond any selfishness. By day three he seemed a bit tired and off his food, we assumed initially this was jitters as he was in a new home but we watched him carefully. He was still very cuddly and affectionate but his eyes had taken on a sad look and I was a little worried. By day four he was getting weaker and not feeling like doing much, he spent much of his time wanting to sleep and be alone and was starting to show signs of depression and anorexia. We were very concerned, we had developed such a special bond so quickly and were terrified that our little man wasn’t feeling good and it looked bad. My partner took him off to the vet as he was vomitting a little. Cookie came home that night, he had tested positive for gastro and they had been out of Parvo Virus tests but assumed with gastro his sickness was normal. They medicated him, sent him home with hydration supplies and medical grade food and told us he should start to pick up but to come back the next day if it didn’t. That night we gave him some water with the syringe and tried some food but he wasn’t interested, we put him to bed and then waited till morning. By day five he was sicker, we woke to vomit and faeces everywhere, he was weak, depressed and tired. He had faded through the night and was not doing good, we gave it some time to see if he was overcoming it and then my partner was off to the vet again, as he walked out i stopped him and petted my little boy, he looked up at me so sad. That was the last time I ever saw him. My partner got cookie to the vet and they re-tested him. Parvo virus, he was deteriorating so rapidly that it was agony for him and there wasn’t much chance. With much sadness we chose to end his suffering. This has gutted our family. We have grieved as we would a child and it has been terribly traumatic. I am finding it hard to understand and feeling cheated. FACT IMMUNISE YOUR DOGS! (the previous owner had neglected to immunise him properly against parvo, this is the worst thing for a dog and the vaccine is critically important!) The cost for the future- Our house is contaminated, as humans we are fine, but to bring another dog in could be too risky. Conclusion. We lost a friend and a member of the family, he was a fantastic pup and I personally am so overcome with grief. Cookie could have been saved had his previous owner cared for him properly. They say animals choose us, but they dont choose cruelty and carelessness, they are there to be nurtured. RIP COOKIE 12/09/2014 <3 Reblog
  4. Anyone else reading these posts? So confused, and definitely spamming to post links.
  5. Im sitting at nearly 7 weeks and my lefty is still a bit higher, i got textured so they take a while and its my dominant side, hopefully yours decide to relax a little soon =/
  6. Goodluck! I hope you get awesome perfect boobies!!
  7. Naw Whitey! I love the idea of having a man comment, not for any sexually perverted reason...no just because it tells me that a man appreciates my work and this is a confidence boost. I think it's great to see guys getting on the forums and having an input. It makes surgery less of a gender orientated circumstance and as long as they aren't saying WOW LOOK AT THOSE KNOCKERS! i have no problems. I hope peoples bs didnt get you too down mate, and your work so far look phenomenal too btw
  8. Mine were the same that far out, dont worry too much as theey settle they should sit more similarly
  9. I gained wieght which was welcome for me as i was bordering severely underwieght but everyone is different
  10. I gained wieght after mine but I was quite happy with that as I was bordering unhealthy previous. I have auto immune disease so wieght gain is rare for me... I see no problem with losing a few kg's it wont dramatically effect your result.
  11. I just wanted to start a little quiz I guess. What cup-size did you end up with? how many cc's/profile? what about your previous shape do you think contributed to this? Im fascinated by the dramatic differences from person to person. Me personally, so far measuring a 10E, 345cc implants high profile, i was previously a deflated a-cup and slightly pigeon cheasted with minimal assymetry. It's crazy how many girls with similar stats end up with such different results based on tiny factors. Becoming boobie obsessed over here lol.
  12. my left is bigger but not enough for different sizes, the left used to sit lower too but the surgeon fixed that somehow
  13. Hey ladies! I have found a bonds sports bra at target for 20 bucks that is amazing and pretty hot too Its an underwire bra but I have removed the wire and it is absolutely to die for. Its a "bonds sports top"it has a moulded cup and for reference the one i gotis orange and black and covered in writing. 10/10 reccomend this bra girls!
  14. I sleep on a wedge pillow that holds me at 45 degrees, this helps with getting up and morning boob isn't so bad..
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