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    Looking at breast enlargement in Adelaide
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    Dr Katsaros 28/08/14
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    166 cm / 53 kg / 10A

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  1. DR Katsaros did my boobs. They are ok but I'm not 100% happy with them. I also had an appointment with DR Sylaidis and for rounds was quoted just over $12,000 from memory, this was about 18 months ago.
  2. I was also advised not to wear a bra for 6 weeks. Only a cotton singlet to the waist. Each doctor has different opinions/reasoning for aftercare.
  3. I agree go bigger. I am 167cm and about 53 kg and was a 10A. I got 375's and they aren't that big. In clothes you can't even tell I have boobs.
  4. I had mine done by Dr Katsaros in North Adelaide and paid around $11,500
  5. I hung washing on a clothes horse instead of out on the line.
  6. You can buy it in tablet form. I got some of Iherb.
  7. At my 10 week check up I was told that I have Grade 2 Capsular contracture. Both Boobs are still sitting high on my chest like they have not dropped yet and are still quite firm - (have not really noticed any change in firmness at all). I was a little lost for words at my appointment and now have quite a few questions. The PS said that they are 'not ideal' but should still drop a bit more and become a bit more softer and see you in 12 months. Just wondering if anyone know's if because I am grade 2 at only 10 weeks does this mean it will continue to get worse and I will be up to grade 4 in a few months time? Or is this as bad as it's going to get? Also wondering if there was anything I can do to stop it from getting worse. Should I be massaging? (I have textured), Is there anything I can take? I also find it strange that he doesn't want to see me again until 12 months?
  8. I'm the same weight and height as you and my bwd was 12 or 12.5 (can't remember), I went 375cc tear drop and they are just right although could have gone up to 425cc (reccommended by ps), but before surgery thought 425 would have been huge, but now could have gone with that easily.
  9. Awesome idea - looks super comfy
  10. Will be the perfect size. I am 53 kg & 166cm and didn't even fill an 'A' cup after breast feeding 3 babies and had 375cc. I didn't tell my Mum or anyone at work and no one has even noticed yet. In clothes they just get lost. So you can hide them when you want to. At the moment I am fitting a 10DD. Before I had boobs I thought DD's were huge but seriously it's not big at all. I would go the bigger size for sure.
  11. My post op instructions were not to wear a bra for 6 weeks - Cotton camisoles to the waist only???
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