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    Breast Augmentation.
    220 cc Natrelle Inspira High Profile Round Textured Silicone, behind the Muscle, inframammary incision.
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    Dr. Victor Lee at the Cosmetic Institute Bondi Junction, 3rd November 2014
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    173cm/57kg/10A - hoping to get to a nice C cup! :)
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  1. Hi Becca, My admission time was originally set for 1pm, but I ended up getting a call from TCI a little after 12pm asking if I could come in earlier as they were running ahead of schedule. 20 minutes later I was at TCI
  2. Hi meplusyou, I'm now one-month post op and I absolutely adore Dr Lee - you are definitely in good hands! I found him knowledgeable and easy to deal with, and I appreciated the fact that he was upfront about my bodies limitations in regards to the largest size I could go. I know that if I went else where and asked for a bigger implant, I may have gotten it, but I also know that complications arise when you go too big for your anatomy - I definitely don't want complications! I trusted Dr Lees judgement, especially since I knew he did a lot of breast reconstruction work with cancer patients in WA. I figured if he's had experience in breast reconstruction, then he's the expert! I'm glad I trusted him as I love the size of my boobs now and the shape they're taking. I honestly think I have had the best recovery - surprisingly I haven't had any pain, more slight discomfort than anything, and I didn't really have to use my pain-killers except for one-morning of bad morning boob. I did go through a bit of an emotional "boobie blues" period after my second week, but I survived it! And it's normal to feel a bit low afterwards, after all the body has gone through trauma. The worst part for me was the back and neck pain from having to sleep propped up. I know everyone is different with recovery, but I am grateful mine was as smooth as it is My boobs have started to settle and take on a nicer more natural shape, and even though I know they still have to drop and fluff, I love them You must be so excited - 11 days to go! It will fly by and you will have boobs before you know it!
  3. Hi DanniP, I'm glad to be back! How awesome is Dr Lee? I'm from Perth originally so I had a bit of a chat with him about that too I was so calm when to TCI for my surgery, and I'll never forget seeing Dr Lee when I was led into the patient area - another patient was being rolled out of surgery, and some guy in scrubs started waving at me. I didn't recognise him at first but it was Dr Lee! He looked so calm and confident and he had the warmest smile, and immediately I knew that there was no doubt I was doing the right thing and that I was in very safe hands I really want to send through compliments to Dr Lee and TCI direct, but I think I'll hold off until my 6 week post-op check-up and I get the all-clear to resume light gym work and to start wearing wireless bras. Now that my boobs are settling a bit I know the size I have is perfect for me. I tried on a low cut dress the other day without a bra and I loved the way my boobs looked! Knowing that I now actually run the risk of having a boob pop out is an absolute novelty for me lol!
  4. Hi Gem88, I thought it might be easier to post some pictures here. I actually had people comment that I had nice boobs to be able to carry off that dress - when I told one person that I'd actually gotten a BA 4 weeks ago she said she was surprised because she thought they were natural! That definitely made me happier, especially since they still have to fully drop and fluff. I hope this helps!
  5. Hi Ladies! I'm sorry I haven't been on in ages, but I've just spent the last 45 minutes or so reading though and catching up on everyone's experiences. Congratulations to all of us, we finally made it! I started getting the boobie blues in week 2, and started to doubt the size I went. I think I spent too much time comparing my pics to everyone else's, and mine seemed so small in comparison! Which is silly, because when I look at myself in the mirror, with no-one around to compare myself to, I absolutely love them. So I thought I'd better get off the forums for a little while, because I know I can get quite obsessive lol! I've been throwing myself back into work as well, which has helped. I keep telling myself, "Comparison is the thief of joy" and I'm telling myself this everyday because I know it is true. I need to get back on the positive track! Otherwise, I've had a really good recovery. I had no real pain except for severe morning boob 6 days after surgery, but that was honestly it. Actually, the only other pain was at 10 days post-op when I was driving - I'd dropped mum off at the airport and driving back out to pay the ticket machine i think I leant out too far or at too much of an angle and I pulled my right pec muscle - OUCH. Silly me! But really, I am so grateful because my recovery has been so good. My heart goes out to everyone who's recovery hasn't been as smooth - hold in there! Hopefully it's better for most of you now! At one months post-op I'm still really happy with how my boobs are looking - they have dropped a little bit and are looking a bit fuller as well. Right boob is still sitting up a bit high but I'm hoping it will start dropping more soon to catch up with the left one - I'm guessing my right pec is tighter and holding it up because I'm right handed? Arrrgghhh... back to the waiting game. Thank goodness I can go back to the gym in another 1.5 weeks! I'm going a bit crazy with the gym!
  6. Hi Gem88, I'm one month post-op and have a 3cm gap as well and I'm happy with my results. My surgeon did say that once they soften up a good push-up bra would help squish them together - we'll see! I'm just happy I fill out clothes now, I'm not worried about cleavage to be honest - at least not right now anyway lol! At the end of the day I think they suit me and they are looking fairly natural. I'll be posting some more recent photos soon, I've been M.I.A. for a few weeks, please feel free to have a look
  7. Hi Imogen, I'm 3 weeks post-op and had my ba done by Dr Lee at TCI Bondi - I highly recommend them! Everyone at the clinic is so friendly and helpful, and I cannot thank Dr Lee enough for the wonderful job he did on me. I still have some time for my boobs to properly drop and fluff, but I'm in love with them already. My friends - even my super conservative mum - have all commented on how natural they look and how well they suit my frame. I'm so happy! Dr Lee made me feel comfortable from the get go and I'm glad I put my trust in him because he's exceeded my expectations
  8. I'm in the same boat - mine were both symmetrical and even when I left the surgery, but then a few days later my left boob started dropping but my right boob stayed put! My left is looking bigger and is hanging lower than my right, and I can't wait for the right one to follow suit! I'm wondering - is it because I'm right-handed? I do everything with my right hand, maybe the muscle is taking longer to relax because of this?
  9. Hi Ever, I'm pretty sure they do round silicon textured implants only, as teardrops run the risk of rotating - it would be worthwhile calling in and asking though! Mine are rounds, but I think they're looking quite natural, even though I haven't dropped and fluffed yet - My super-conservative mum even said they looked natural, so that's saying something lol!
  10. Hi Ever, Welcome to the forums! I'm almost three weeks post-BA with Dr Lee, and I can safely say he is AMAZING. I love my new boobs so much!! You are definitely in good hands with Dr Lee
  11. Hi Angiee, I'm only 8 days post-op but I've noticed my nipples are very sensitive, so I've been carefully applying my vitamin e cream into them. Ask your PS if you're ok to rub coconut oil into them - I love coconut oil, it's absorbed readily into the skin and is said to speed up the healing of cuts and wounds. As soon as I get the all-clear I'll be using coconut oil on my poor nips!
  12. Thank you ladies! I'm definitely feeling a bit more tender in my cleavage area now, but I don't think I need the pain meds yet - it feels more uncomfortable than painful so far! I'm also REALLY swollen and tender on my sides, it looks like they're bruising up fairly wicked. Did either of you lovely ladies experience this? I started to ice see how it goes!
  13. Hi Melk, I'm about 9 hours post-op, and surprisingly I don't have any pain other than some tightness in my chest and a bit of tenderness in my sides! I am bruising up quite a bit in my cleavage and on my sides, but that's to be expected. We'll see how I feel tomorrow morning when I wake up! TCI gave me a prescription for Panadeine Forte and Endone, luckily I haven't had to use either yet but they're definitely on standby just in case!
  14. Thanks Twinkles! I only just saw your post Not much longer to go for you!

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