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  1. No no trust me they will deff not be too big! I thought the exact same thing but once they are in and under the muscle squashing them they look smaller. ill add u
  2. oh really! Yes I'll add you so u can see pics
  3. they are fine. Little numbness. It's just underneath them that's the issue. they are a D to DD. I want bigger I feel like I should've got 500cc.. oh well I still love them
  4. lol no I know I read it. But everywhere else ive read the opposite. That the bacteria from Ur gums gets into Ur blood stream causing cc on the implants. Ur the only person I've heard saying it doesn't matter so it's hard who or what to believe. That's my opinion anyway so sorry!
  5. I got a clean a few weeks ago and totally forgot I needed to take antibiotics... I'm scared now :/ :/
  6. yeah actually u really do feel elevated now haha but all worth it
  7. haha ive seen those boob pillows but it's not practical for me because I tend to start on my tummy and then roll around so I'd have to be moving it a lot lol
  8. I'm about 173cm tall and 58kgs. But I started with hardly any boobs so I feel I could've gone bigger..
  9. i think when you're not wearing a fitted top they can make you look bigger. but they give me more proportion than anything. They don't feel heavy at all and no sore back for me either. I don't u can ever really feel the weight of them because they inside your body
  10. It's been almost a year since my ba. Best decision ever!! However, no one tells you sleeping at night FOREVER is a little annoying. As a tummy sleeper you can definitely feel as though you're laying on two balloons. Some positions are uncomfortable. The bigger you go the more some situations can be annoying and painful. Yes I love big boobs but no one tells you how to actually LIVE with big boobs.. your tops won't fit and you'll need all new clothes.. I still get weird pains and little stabs of nerves going nuts in there. They get itchy randomly as I've Been told is common in lots of patients. They've dropped HEAPS and look quiet natural now. I had 450cc high profile. I did love the lifted look I had the first 2 months. So people wanting the more lifted look go for xhp. I've also lost a lot of feeling underneath my Boob so it's quite numb and feels weird to touch. I've been told if feeling doesn't come back after about 6months then you most likely won't ever get it back.. The 3cm scars under my boobs is quite faint now and not noticeable. Anything else anyone would like to know I'm happy to help just thought id give you all a little update! X
  11. I'd recommend replacing lunch or dinner with a meal replacement shake
  12. They're a gimmick anything to make money. Diet and exercise is the only way to lose weight
  13. Dr **** is a cosmetic surgeon and he's cheap too! Does a great job
  14. I'm 58kgs with 3390cc in my right and 450cc in my left. they're not huge
  15. ness01

    Dr ****

    Yeah he's great. felt comfortable and was such an easy procedure! So it going 600cc! U want them quite big them. That'll make u at least an f cup!
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