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  1. I had dr Lee.. U can view my gallery if u add me! ;-)
  2. TCI don't do teardrops.. It depend what look you want I guess.. Rounds give more upper pole, and teardrops give less upper but more lower and they project more than rounds of the same volume.. I have extra high profile rounds.. I booked my consult with dr Lee at TCI, and had surgery 3 weeks later.. The chick in ur profile pic looks like she has rounds to me, but I could be wrong.. Good luck..
  3. I think for me they stayed about the same size but as the swelling went they just changed and looked more boob-like and got softer and more cleavage.. I'm 2 months post op and mine are still not fully dropped yet, and I think when they are finished dropping you see a bit more projection, but for me size wise I'd say they are pretty much the same size as the day I got them.. I was worried they would shrink a little as the swelling went down but luckily they didnt.. I hope they get bigger! Lol
  4. I think it's just because I have no problem talking or asking about boobs, I don't see it as a big deal but maybe other ppl would feel rude to mention it..
  5. Thanks ladies.. I feel like such a whinger lol.. Some days I'm so happy with them but other days I'm like I want them bigger or I think hurry up and drop already..
  6. They are mine in the avatar, but in clothes they are not that noticable..well I don't think they are.. I'd just like 1 person to notice or ask me about if they r real or not..
  7. I just realised today that they are not even big.. I mean.. I wanted them to look twice as big as this.. Nobody comments, nobody stares.. I feel like what was the point.. I won't be able to afford a re-do.. I'm starting to get really depressed.. I wanted bigger but couldn't because of not enough tissue to fit bigger implants.. I just feel so disappointed.. I still just look like a skinny, shapeless runt.. Has anyone else experienced this post op? I hope this is all in my head.. My partner says he loves them, but I don't know whether he's just saying that.. I was really happy up until now.. I guess I still thought they'd fluff out.. Plus I think the swelling has mostly gone now..
  8. My nipples are a little bit pointy downy still.. And they are still a bit squarish when I stand with my hands by my side.. If I put my hands on my hips they look great.. Because the nipple centres out.. Mine have alot of dropping to do I think.. Both high up still.. Did you get textured ? I think they can take longer to settle.. I have to massage 3 times a day..
  9. I had mine done with dr Lee 4 weeks ago and so far I'm very happy with them.. he's good.. very straight up and honest about everything, he made me feel comfortable too as i was heaps nervous lol.. please add me to see my pics if u like..
  10. hi there, i had mine done with Dr Lee 4 weeks ago.. your welcome to see my pics if u wanna add me.. I'm very happy with them so far..
  11. I'm just 3 weeks post op and havnt dropped yet.. I keep massaging like I was told to but I just feel worried they won't drop.. The top part of the breasts are quite firm but the under part is really really soft, like from the nipple down is really soft like natural breast.. Was other ladies boobs like this and then dropped?? Thanks..
  12. There i just accepted your friend request u should be able to view my gallery now..
  13. I have 420 xhp and I'm pretty sure i have the "questionably fake look" which is what I wanted.. They are not the coconut bolt-on look if that's what your worried about.. Lol.. U can view my pics if u add me!! ;-)
  14. If your only a size 6 and a small b cup, you might find that your maximum implant is not overly big anyway.. I went my max which is 420, I was offered 415 hp or 420 xhp.. Simply because my breast tissue would not fit a bigger implant.. My stats are below.. If your max is around 400 go that it won't be too big i don't think.. If it was like 500 or 600 then it would prob be really huge.. Lol.. I reckon you'd even get to a D with 350ish.. I'm fitting a 12 E perfect at the moment and only 3 weeks post-op.. (I tried it on even tho I'm not meant to yet!!) good luck!!
  15. I had Dr Lee 3 weeks ago and I am very happy with them.. Mine havnt dropped yet as I'm only 3 weeks, but they look great already.. I like Dr Lee, he's very straight up about everything and made me feel comfortable.. They are the perfect size for me and the look i was hoping for.. I had 420 extra high..
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