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  1. I feel sorry him, I'm allowed to feel sorry for him and Gracie too, you all are anonymous uses on a public forum putting down and making fun off someone who isn't anonymous and this is his career. I don't know his sense of humour, so hopefully he has a laugh
  2. Thanks Katewell, I didn't get cc, think your thinking of Gracie but thankyou for the kind words
  3. Hi Katewell, I want to deactivate because I had started to feel like being a someone with Brazilian impants and having a cosmetic surgeon was not liked on this forum. (Even though I love my results and my surgeon) Also this thread was also a tipping point, I feel like this is online bullying. Girls are going to his facebook page and coming back to this forum to makefun of him, to be it feels like online bulling. I understand reviews of bad result but I feel this thread turned into online bullying of this surgeon. I have never met him but I really feel sorry for him and his family.
  4. I actually asked the moderator if I could deactivate my account but they wont let me and even though I unfriended everyone and am not following anyone somehow I had 48 notifications. This thread showed up and it annoyed the crap out of me so I went F***it If there not going to delete my account grrr I'm going to voice my opinion and maybe just maybe I might me just like you, bring on 6,000 + post UNLESS the PSF Forum lets me delate my account so it doesn't exist (which my fingers are crossed) would make me a very happy, well moderator do you think you could make an exception to the rules.
  5. if that's the case why didn't you just contact the moderator to deal with it, but instead you got aggressive , as you like to phrase maybe you were guard dogging. I read the girls review it wasn't that bad, it was very tame compared to the insults going on Dr Cres thread.
  6. Haha I'm not stalking your are really on every single 'thread' and I love your art of manipulation. The only one who comes of as marketing is you when you 'plug' surgeons to girls even though you didn't have surgery with them, that comes of as marketing and maybe a little cash in hand referrals, well that's just they way it comes of to me.
  7. This is your quote Don from a Harwood thread 'Yes good luck finding the dr scamp thread, I brought that one to the attention of the CEO and they were ready to go her for defamation, find me the thread? You won't because it was a crazy trying to bring a good mans name down.' So you threated girls on the forum with defamation when you don't like the review of a surgeon? Because you can't bring a good mans name down', every girl should be able to write a review without being threatened. Where was your empathy, actually you probably made her more stressed and upset. Gracie is not on EVERY SINGLE THREAD shes only been on 193 post. YOU ARE ON EVERY SINGLE THREAD miss 6 800 posts.
  8. Its a sad when you threated girls for defamation when they want to give there honest review, but because 'you' feel he is a good man you guard dog and threated girls with defamation. Moderator is it ok for forum members to do this?
  9. I use to get my periods every two weeks when I was young and it was having a huge impact on my life. I was going to my GP at that time telling him something was right he kept telling me "I was two young for cancer" I was 23 years old. Finally after constant pushing he referred me to the hospital and three months on a waiting list finally had a biopsy, I was in surgery less then one week later, I had C2 cells(pre cancer), endometrioses, cysts. While I had the surgery they put the Merina in, since then I have seen gyno before trying for children and wanted to see if my endo had grown back and it hadn't, I've had no problem with the Mirena for 10 years and thats having them taken out for kids and put straight back in after the last child. If you have endo in the family I would do the Laparoscopy, I'm not sure on the Novasure so let us know how it goes
  10. ? awww love your work Don, just like you love the 'editing your post' ?
  11. I had twilight for my BA and it was fine, I had had two previous GA operations first was a (Ltez my uterus was a mess with cyst, endometreoses and C2 cells) second was the removal of missed miscarriage, with bad reactions for both (major vomiting). When I had my BA my son was 8 months and my daughter was around 2 years, so personally I wanted to be with my babies. Had surgery in the afternoon was back home for the night time cuddles before there bed time. Your in a hospital a very safe environment so either is safe xx
  12. Do you remember the girl you chased of this forum when she started a thread about doctor Scamp I would try and find it but the whole thing got deleted cause it got so aggressive. Then there was the girl who called a large implant 'ridiculous' well she paid for that one hey Don or could being classed a guard dog 'A safe place to talk about XL implants without judgment. No hate in here please. feel free to post your dream boobs I've got lots up!! ' ummmm this is a forum where discussion happen isn't it.....well when suits you. I was annoyed about LuarenT wasting a consult when reading this, and girls not researching the doctor before consultation or was she just using him for a free visit. Anyway I do agree Don to talk about the Brazilian but hey if you want to talk about start a thread so all girls can read or Im pretty sure you found a really good one a few months back with a girl who hated them, bump that tread up. Sorry Stef
  13. Sorry but this post has completely been side tracked from the original question being asked which annoyed me, so I do apologise. I don't go onto other threads when girls are asking about Dr, to change the subject complain about consults with the surgeons I chose not to go with, trust me I had a few arrogant ones I couldn't stand. I would understand if if you were complaining about the outcome of your Ba but your not. If you could point out for me where in your reply you answered Stef questions it would be awesome.
  14. Girls you think when researching your doctor the first place you would start is there web page ???? first page of the The Rejuvenation Clinic . ' At the Rejuvenation Clinic we specialise in breast implants and recommend the Brazilian Implant because of its very low complication rate' NO OTHER IMPLANT IS MENTIONED ON THERE WEBSITE! So straight up they say they specialize in Brazilian, its not hidden, there is no ploy to get you in the doors to pressure you into the implant. So if I worked in there reception I would be annoyed about girls wasting time and appointments who have no intention of ever having a Brazilian implant. Lauren T WOW good for you for wasting his time If I was the receptionist I would be getting annoyed too! Please girls read Surgeons website first, we are really lucky in Brisbane that we have so many amazing surgeons but wasting there time when you know you don't want that style of implant is rude. Kritta, LaurenT and Jugs, I had other consults with PS / CS and at the end of the day its who you personally click with, so even though Harwood wasn't for you or the Brazilian Implant I'm glad you found your preferred surgeon.
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