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  1. I've got a cream 10D berlei post op bra that I only wore for about 5 days. I bought it for $60 if anyone wants it for $35 including postage
  2. I'm now two weeks post op and my body is back to normal! I was so depressed for the first week because I thought I had put on so much weight, but it's just because of the meds/anasthetic. Trust me it goes back to normal Metamucil works wonders!
  3. Ahhh yesterday I was in my lorna Jane crop all day! Maybe that's way! I was a 8A/B before and I got textured implants. We'll see how they go
  4. I ended up going to 345 which has made me a D cup, which is obviously a LOT bigger than I was haha I guess it was one of those days
  5. I've been so happy with my newbies up until today I'm two weeks post op and today I felt like they were tiny again... Maybe it's just one of those days... Sigh
  6. I'm in the same boat! I'm curious to know when I can start having fat burner again :/ might ask at my one week post op appointment tomorrow
  7. As Juniper said, I wouldn't go near a cosmetic surgeon myself, but a lot of girls have had good outcomes by doing so it just comes down to personal preference I believe
  8. Hey girls, just wondering when I can stop laying on my back? My back pain is getting worse than my boob pain! How long did you guys wait to sleep on your night? I'm not a tummy sleeper, but I love sleeping on my side haha
  9. I just had mine done yesterday through cosmeditour/the beast academy! Could not be happier! Everything ran so smoothly and the staff and surgeons are so helpful and friendly!
  10. Hey girls, had my BA surgery yesterday on the Gold Coast through cosmeditour/the breast academy. So far so good! Had a bit of a reaction to the anasthetic, but today I feel fine just a bit tight on my chest. I went from almost a b cup to 345cc high profile unders love them so much already, even though I've barely seen them. Hope the rest of the September girls are going well!
  11. I haven't had it yet, it's on Friday I meet with him tomorrow for sizing choice. I will let you know how it all goes
  12. I'm getting my BA through cosmeditour Gold Coast and now have the name of my surgeon, and he is not a trainee or anything like that. He is one of the main surgeons along side Dr Layt, so I don't think there's anything to be worried about
  13. So good to hear all the different experiences! Hopefully I'm not in too much discomfort, I hate not being able to do anything. How long after did you start doing light cardio? I.e cardio?
  14. My personal trainer had a lot of problems with recovery and pain as the surgeon in thailand told her that her chest was "tight like a man" haha. I'm on the Gold Coast going through Cosmeditour with Dr Perron
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