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    Mentor 330cc anatomicals, dual plane 3. Tuberous grade 1.
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    Dr Miroshnik, September 2014
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    168cm/59kg preop 32A/10A. Now 32DD

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  1. Hi Amimo I have similar stats to you (168cm, 59kg), got 330cc textured anatomicals with dr miroshnik in Sept. Measuring around a 10d (was a 10a) depending on the brand of bra but boobs still stretching and growing. Have sent you an FR, feel free to ask any questions. Best of luck on your boobie journey! Xx
  2. They are textured and the swelling has really only gone down in the last week - they're finally starting to feel a lot softer although I'm still too scared to give them more than a gentle prod - no squeezing yet! They look like a Full C and don't look big under clothes. I have a really natural-looking cleavage/upper pole as they are under the muscle and moderate plus profile, they're just measuring DD because of my epic new side-boob
  3. No worries I just bought the same size as the bras I was given at the hospital, large. I was flat pre-op (a 10a I guess), got 330cc gel anatomicals and am currently measuring 10DD but still dropping & fluffing.
  4. Hi Cricket, Congrats on making your booking-so exciting! I'm now 5 weeks post-op with Dr M and like Nikki was given two of the clasp front Carefix bras. In the first few weeks I found them pretty uncomfortable with the swelling (they left cat-whisker like indents on my cleavage and the front strap hooks dug in to the boobs' upper pole) and the racer back is driving me nuts - they make my back so itchy! Also with the Carefix bras, the black ones are tighter than white. To give my boobs and back a break, I bought two of the Carefix Anna zip-front bras from Undie Warehouse which are just right for under tank tops. I found it good to have the extras as now I don't have to hand-wash a bra every day. Minime xx
  5. Hi! For leaving the hospital and house, I got a few soft chambray button-up shirts and zip-up hoodies - there's always something at Sportsgirl and Cotton On. As for size, could you take along some rice sizers on your next shopping trip to help you find the right sized shirts? Good luck!!
  6. Hi BronteB, I have similar stats to yours (168cm, 59kg and very little breast tissue) and got dual plane 330s four days ago. My surgeon said I'll be a full 12C once all has settled. Will post some pics soon. Good luck next week, your new assets are going to be amazing whatever size you decide! xxx
  7. Thanks for sharing Ciara! Glad to hear you're recovering well and will take all of your advice - especially when it comes to the coloxyl Hope you're happy with your new boobies and relatively pain-free
  8. Congrats Rosie, you look amazing! Glad to hear the pain has been quite manageable too. I'm booked in for 330s with Dr Miroshnik in September so am looking forward to hearing about your progress. Wishing you a safe and speedy recovery!
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