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  1. Had mine done with dr fung on the 9th of July this year and loving it so far he's quite busy so you got to book in advance! I called yesterday for my 3 month appointment check up but he's busy all the way through until oct 17. He's great ))
  2. I was there for my post op today too! But around 4:30
  3. I think you'll be feeling fine at 6 weeks! I'm 4 weeks post and already started going out. Limit yourself though
  4. I felt paralysed sleeping on my back the whole of the first week! Like you someone needed to help me sit. Constant pressure goes away once you're walking around. I'd say I felt almost normal about the late 3 weeks mark I'm almost 5 weeks post and can do pretty much anything!
  5. Yes Vivian they were dual plane placement. Could this be the reason why ? If so hopefully my muscle relaxes
  6. I do have pics but unsure of how to upload them on here! I'm seeing my surgeon on the 12th which is Tuesday let's see what he says
  7. I am 4 weeks post op, 390cc HP round textured. Generally, everyone is saying their implant is 'riding high' and that their upper pole fullness is really full and can't wait for them to drop and settle down. In my case I barely have any upper pole fullness and my implant were never high up ! Instead my bottom is sooo round and full! Anyone else had similar problems ?
  8. Mine was really bad too! Started going away 3-4 weeks post op , you just start noticing it less
  9. I'm slightly similar. I'm 159cm 52kgish. I got 390cc hp and at 2 weeks I'm measured at 10E! They don't look like an E though more like my old pushed up C Cup ... Hopefully they look bigger after D&F!
  10. Stop worrying babe , I believe everyone has boob greed and ends up going for revision with a larger implant. I got 400cc but I was only a 10B Now I'm at E. I guess it depends on your weight height etc but I don't think 365cc is too much, it'll definitely give you more fullness and shape 10E sounds massive but it's not. Apparently implants look smaller than naturally boobs too if you know what I mean. Goodluck ! Xxx
  11. I got 390cc HP and they look tiny! I got measured at 10E (2 weeks post). They look like a full C ! Anyone had the same problem ?
  12. I got fitted at BNT at 2 weeks size 10E! They don't look like an E though more like a 10C-D ? Hopefully I go larger because it doesn't look big as I wish but I guess I haven't D&F yet .... Can't wait until they're soft right now they're still like rocks !!! When did anyone start softening ?
  13. My box said take 1 every 4 hours but dr fung told me I can take 1-3 every 4 hours with Panadol! I stopped taking endone after day 3 though cause I didn't think I need it. Now I take valium before I sleep if I'm sore and Panadol every 4-6 hours ? Endone made me itchy and was so annoying !
  14. My right breast has no tightness at all! Only when I wake up but my left is constantly tight and sore hope this is normal
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