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  1. if you naturally have little to no breast tissue then anatomicals are better suited for you, because it avoids the 'bolted on coconuts' look and also reduce the risk of rippling. At least thats what my surgeon said, and all the research i've done seems to corroborate this as well. I got anatomicals because i was really flat to begin with, and I'm really happy with my look, they look natural but if i wanted that contoured boob look i can also achieve that with a push up bra later and some contouring makeup (if i'm really desperate but i doubt it haha). Out of a bra i still find they're perky even with the teardrop look and i was worried about it being saggy before. If you're worried about rotation, getting textured teardrops will greatly reduce the risk of rotation. My surgeon had no cases of a rotated teardrop ever, and especially if they use good quality implants and he makes the pocket the right size and shape there should be little to no risk of rotation. hope this helps!
  2. yeah danni, thats what i was thinking! because i'm pretty sure my boobs will be dropping and fluffing a lot more in the next few months, i might just buy one normal soft cup bra to wear with singlets and what not and stick to wearing crop tops and sports bras because they're so comfy!
  3. Hey ladies, I'm one month post op now and at my one month consult my surgeon said i was clear to wear normal bras now, including underwire bras. i've read extensively that you're not meant to wear underwire until the 6 week mark, which i think i'll stick to because i don't feel ready to wear underwire anyway and i'm not in a rush. however, does it seem too soon to start wearing normal bras and get sized? he said that i could go get sized now and that the boob size shouldn't change much, i was just wondering what the general consensus is on when to start getting sized and wearing bras. any advice would be great!
  4. hi, the sounds are just the fluid thats gathered in your chesty area thats moving around when you put moisturiser on. It's like the air bubbles inside the fluid and you're moving them around. thats what i gathered anyway, but its really nothing to worry about i have that up until about 1.5 weeks post op before the swelling started going down, i couldn't even press into my sternum i just kept pressing the fluid and getting the popping noises!
  5. so silicone strips are recommended for people who are prone to keloid scarring, and it basically creates a nice sterile environment for the scar to heal while keeping even pressure on the whole scare for it to heal flat. It just helps it heal a whole lot more and you just keep it on and only take it off when you shower. when you're meant to use it will differ from surgeon to surgeon, but mine told me to put mine on a 2 weeks post op and keep using them for 3 months. hope that helped
  6. My silicone tapes apparently don't need to be replaced, even when they lose their stick my surgeon says it'll still work as long as its pressed up onto your skin and probably held in place by your bra. I take really good care of my strips though, taking them off when i shower and covering them with a lid so dust and stuff don't get onto the sticky side. I'm meant to wear mine for about 3 months then I'm good to go onto other scar treatments like bio-oil and stuff. I'm asian so i'm prone to keloid scarring so i have to really look after my incisions to make sure they heal well.
  7. Hi, I had my BA done by Dr Kevin Ho through TBC and it was an absolutely amazing experience from start to finish The girls at TBC answer all your questions so patiently and give you a ring a few days before and after your surgery to see how you feel, and you really do feel looked after. I've heard Dr Moradi is really good, and Dr Ho was the best surgeon i could've picked. He's such a perfectionist, and he knows what looks good and what doesn't. He is also a really caring doctor, I flew in interstate the day before the surgery, which was a public holiday in Sydney but he opened his rooms for me and my sister to do our pre op consultation, and he says whenever I'm in Sydney give him a ring and he'll check up on me (he gave me his personal mobile) even if it was a weekend or holiday. Honestly I can't say anything bad about him, I love my results and I think they look perfect on me. I was a 10A before and got 295cc textured anatomicals btw.
  8. I'm two weeks post op and I have to admit I absolutely hated not being able to do things on my own at the start and the pain and discomfort I almost felt like it wasn't worth it, but I kept thinking that it's temporary and it'll pass and you'll have years of great boobs for a few weeks of discomfort. I'm really happy with my choice, but as I was being wheeled into the surgery room and waiting by myself for the anesthetisf I did honestly think 'what have I gotten myself into' and 'is it too late to back out now'? But that' was just nerves and I'm so glad I did it.
  9. Hi, when are you meant to put silicon tape onto your incisions? My surgeon says I can start using them at the two week mark, but I think I've read you're meant to start later. Saying that, I'm probably going to just follow his instructions but I just wanted to see what everyone else is doing.
  10. I told my mum but I was dreading it because she is such a conservative Christian lady, and at first she was flat out no, then when she realised I was serious and had done all the research and everything she warmed up to the idea and even offered to ask around the hospital where she works for some good recommendations for plastic surgeons! In the end she didnt agree with my decision and still doesn't, but she supports me and tries to help me out when she can since I'm recovering. I haven't told my dad and won't ever because it's weird haha My advice is that if you think your parents won't approve, you're probably right but that doesn't mean they won't support you whatever your decision. That's what I've found in pretty much all aspects of my life with my mum, not just a BA
  11. I bought Gel Mate Flex silicone sheets which my surgeon recommended, they were $50, but apparently they're meant to last 3 months?? i haven't used them yet but hopefully they're good!
  12. thanks everyone for their replies! and diishere, i tried using some baby oil because by the time i was in the bathroom i forgot to bring olive or vegetable oil haha. did anyone find that when you take them off, theres some sort of sticky residue where the tape was that doesn't wash off? i discovered this last night, and i tried everything to get it off, but to no avail
  13. Hi ladies, So I'm 6 days post op and yesterday i took my first real shower in which my doctor told me to peel off the micropore tape and then put a new one on my incisions, and it was the most traumatic experience of my life. It was so sticky, and i was so worried that i'd pull my stitches out, and the sensation was just thoroughly unpleasant. I actually got so grossed out at the thought out ripping my stitches open that i got all dizzy and nauseous and had to step out of the shower (lol). Then i thought to myself, 'i cannot do this every single day when i shower'. So my question is, is there anyone else that has trouble peeling off the micropore tape, and also are there some tips to make it easier and less sticky? Any advice would be great because i'm dreading today's shower. Thanks!!
  14. So my BA is tomorrow with Dr Kevin Ho from the breast clinic, and I'm so excited! I think I have everything ready for when I get back to the hotel. Me and my sister's surgeries are tomorrow in the afternoon so I'm not looking forward to being hungry all day at the conduct today he suggested that I get 290cc which I'm pretty happy about. I didn't want to get really big boobs because I'm really thin (163cm, 48kg) so he said this should take me up to a generous C cup, yay! I originally wanted to end up with Ds, but he said I would look too fake and top heavy so I trust his judgement. We decided on textured anatomicals, which was what I thought I'd be getting so at least I was right about something! He said that when I woke up i would be in my post op bra as well as a white band around the top of my chest which will prevent the implants from turning while they healed, which is something I don't think other girls had to do. I have to keep the band on for 2 weeks 24/7, has anyone else had to do this and how did you hide the band under clothes? Yay so excited
  15. Hi ladies! I'm getting my BA in sydney in oct 7th (23 days!!) and i was starting to think about what to pack and what to bring to the hospital etc. So what were some things that you found super useful or that you wish you knew about? Because I want to make the whole experience as easy as possible since I won't be home to lie in the comfort of my own bed Any suggestions would be great and i'll be making a list soon about everything Thanks!
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