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  1. They look amazing already what a great job
  2. I would love to see your results I had a BA nine months ago. Lovely to hear story's like this I have sent a FR
  3. I'm 52 in a couple of weeks. I had my BA 9 months ago. I think I'm the eldest on this forum I'm surrounded by all you beautiful beauties.
  4. Just remember it's ALL WORTH IT ! Good luck ladies. I'm now nine months down the track and only have one regret and that is I should of done it sooner
  5. Hello Subtle and discrete, I haven't been on the site for sometime but thought I would see how some of the girls are going! I'm one of the older ladies on this forum it's been just over 9 months since I had a BA with Mark Ashton and very happy with my Boobies. I'm more than happy for you to FR me and we can have a chat.
  6. Hi Pink I'm glad everything went well. It's bad enough going through it once. Hope you have a quick recovery. Look forward to your new photo's. Keep smiling Deb
  7. Hope you get better soon Jade. It's bad enough recovering from the BA! I've got terrible back pain I just want it to go away it must be all the weight I'm not use to it ha ha. I have to go back and see Mark on the 30th
  8. I know how you feel Siboob, I have back pain in the exact same spot and yes it does get you down. I'm still sleeping on my back with two pillows as I feel I'm too flat with one. I don't seem to move during the night so I wake up with a very sore back not to mention hot and sweaty. Yuk! With a bit of morning boob still. If you find an answer please let me know. I can't wait to feel normal again! I love your boobs! Take care x
  9. How exciting it will all be over soon. Good luck x
  10. That's the worst thing about my BA the numbness around my nipples it's such a weird feeling. I hate clothes rubbing on them or my nipples being touched bummer! I'm 3 weeks post op and I just want the feeling back. Miss little is enhanced I agree when it's cold it's worse. Can't wait for this feeling to disappear hope it doesn't take 2 years.
  11. I would love to see your photo's just sent you a friend request x
  12. I agree with Nikstar, that's what I thought straight away "there jealous of you", that's why I didn't tell anyone except my partner who was very supportive of me getting it done. I have told a couple of people but after I had it done. I'm 51 yrs of age and I did it for ME. Unfortunately a lot of people are very opinionated . Don't take any notice of them and you do what makes you feel comfortable and happy. Good luck x
  13. Hey Jade, Glad alls going reasonably well. It takes time. It's a slow healing process I thought it would be quicker. I've been having a bit of back pain, as I'm still sleeping on my back and I don't seem to move during the night so I wake up and my back is killing me and by the end of the day it's aching. The worst thing is I have numbness still around my nipple area so it's a weird feeling having clothes rubbing around that area so I will be glad when I get that feeling back, can't stand my nipples been touched!! Damn mine haven't soften up much yet either. Mark said it will take 6-8 weeks f
  14. Sorry to hear your not happyI hope they improve over time it's still early days. I have sent you a FR . X
  15. You could try Intimo - it's a party plan brand. I have bought one but I haven't tried it yet it's too early for me.
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