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  1. They look amazing already what a great job
  2. I would love to see your results I had a BA nine months ago. Lovely to hear story's like this I have sent a FR
  3. I'm 52 in a couple of weeks. I had my BA 9 months ago. I think I'm the eldest on this forum I'm surrounded by all you beautiful beauties.
  4. Just remember it's ALL WORTH IT ! Good luck ladies. I'm now nine months down the track and only have one regret and that is I should of done it sooner
  5. Hello Subtle and discrete, I haven't been on the site for sometime but thought I would see how some of the girls are going! I'm one of the older ladies on this forum it's been just over 9 months since I had a BA with Mark Ashton and very happy with my Boobies. I'm more than happy for you to FR me and we can have a chat.
  6. Hi Pink I'm glad everything went well. It's bad enough going through it once. Hope you have a quick recovery. Look forward to your new photo's. Keep smiling Deb
  7. Hope you get better soon Jade. It's bad enough recovering from the BA! I've got terrible back pain I just want it to go away it must be all the weight I'm not use to it ha ha. I have to go back and see Mark on the 30th
  8. I know how you feel Siboob, I have back pain in the exact same spot and yes it does get you down. I'm still sleeping on my back with two pillows as I feel I'm too flat with one. I don't seem to move during the night so I wake up with a very sore back not to mention hot and sweaty. Yuk! With a bit of morning boob still. If you find an answer please let me know. I can't wait to feel normal again! I love your boobs! Take care x
  9. How exciting it will all be over soon. Good luck x
  10. That's the worst thing about my BA the numbness around my nipples it's such a weird feeling. I hate clothes rubbing on them or my nipples being touched bummer! I'm 3 weeks post op and I just want the feeling back. Miss little is enhanced I agree when it's cold it's worse. Can't wait for this feeling to disappear hope it doesn't take 2 years.
  11. I would love to see your photo's just sent you a friend request x
  12. I agree with Nikstar, that's what I thought straight away "there jealous of you", that's why I didn't tell anyone except my partner who was very supportive of me getting it done. I have told a couple of people but after I had it done. I'm 51 yrs of age and I did it for ME. Unfortunately a lot of people are very opinionated . Don't take any notice of them and you do what makes you feel comfortable and happy. Good luck x
  13. Hey Jade, Glad alls going reasonably well. It takes time. It's a slow healing process I thought it would be quicker. I've been having a bit of back pain, as I'm still sleeping on my back and I don't seem to move during the night so I wake up and my back is killing me and by the end of the day it's aching. The worst thing is I have numbness still around my nipple area so it's a weird feeling having clothes rubbing around that area so I will be glad when I get that feeling back, can't stand my nipples been touched!! Damn mine haven't soften up much yet either. Mark said it will take 6-8 weeks for things to settle so I'm counting down. I've been wondering how your going. You must be sick if the strap by now but no doubt it will be worth it and mondors Cord you poor thing hope your ok. Take care Deb x
  14. Sorry to hear your not happyI hope they improve over time it's still early days. I have sent you a FR . X
  15. You could try Intimo - it's a party plan brand. I have bought one but I haven't tried it yet it's too early for me.
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