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  1. I am, I'm also on Instagram as 420cc_rack_tci
  2. From memory I just used vitamin e cream pre op, then at 3 weeks after they gave me one for my incisions, then at 6 weeks a different one, really can't remember what they were called though, and vitamin e on the tops of my boobs keeping it away from the incisions Once I got to the 6 week mark and the incisions were healed just vitamin e. I had a slight complication in that I had burst blood vessels around the incisions on both sides. I had to go back to bondi weekly to see the nurse to make sure they were healing on their own, but TCI kept a really close eye on it. I had to fully baby them for the first 6 weeks which meant no work at all. The burst blood vessels were my body though I knew and gave TCI a heads up that I bruise super easy and this was no different, I think it took a good 6-8 weeks for my bruising to disappear completely
  3. Hi by the time you pay for the consult and if she gets the capsular contracture guarantee, it will cost about $6500 all up
  4. Hope it all went well, and you are feeling well and not too sore
  5. Thanks, and don't worry too much twilight is really easy
  6. Thanks that's right the cc guarantee is for 5 yrs and is around $500
  7. Good luck for tomorrow hon, you'll have fabulous boobage soon
  8. Duh, I made the album private! It's fixed now if you want to see how the side profile of them have changed!
  9. To me they don't look massive, but maybe I'm just used to them now ☺️ But when you see bra size being 10e it's sounds huge! I felt like the Sizers were much bigger than the implants actually are. Uploaded those pics
  10. Hi, your surgery date must be close, just wanted to say that I had 420cc XHP as well, BWD of 12 and was a similar starting weight though about 10 cm shorter, I'm approx 4 months post op now and love them, I think they are just about perfect for my frame and no one would guess I'm now a 10 E, very, very happy I went with the XHP's. Good luck with your Op
  11. Yes his suggestion for me was much bigger than I expected, but he was spot on right! And i love my results
  12. Hi ladies, congrats all on booking the wait is hard. I'm now 18 weeks post op with dr kwok. Had 420cc xhp, went from a 10b (deflated ) to 10E while they arent perfect due to being borderline from the start, he has done an amazing job considering what he had to start with. He was honest and easy to deal with and was more than happy to point out all aspect good and bad in regards to going ahead. He will do your measurments then recommend the best size for you, so other than knowing what kind of look you want, dont get too hung up on CC's and profiles and whatnot beforehand as theres a good chance he will suggest something totally different to what you expect. I'm super happy with my results so far, one still sits a touch higher than the other but they werent identical to start anyway. I need to do an update in my gallery but feel free to FR me if you want to see my pictures.
  13. I had dr kwok, he's very good. I'm yet to see anyone who's used hime needing revisions, i had mine done at the bondi clinic but looking at that list he must work between the 2. When i booked I had a rwally specific timeframe i needed it done in, then i did a bit of research on the the surgeons thay gave me who had availabilities in my time frame. Best thing to do really is narrow it down to a few surgeons and then hit up google and see what comes up, check out TCI's facebook and instagram pages as well
  14. You are a bit smaller than, but similar stats, i'm 158 and was 47 kgs on surgery day. I have a bwd of 12 and had 420cc xhp round dual plane 2. The xhp was to fill up deflated skin and give me a nice round look. I had mine done at bondi TCI with dr kwok. I have plenty of photos in my galleries if you want to send me a FR I love them and think size is perfect for my frame and am really glad I didn't go smaller... Also as one of the other girls mentioned XHP is not as wide which means if you are a small frame you can get away with having more cc implants as opposed to mods or high.
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