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  1. Will do! Yes, I had glandular fever years ago, and I did suffer from this particular gland in my armpit going up and down in the months leading up my surgery…..have had several ultrasounds on glands and checking for abnormalities in breasts, but nothing sinister was ever found….
  2. Hello lovlies! It is almost 12 months since my BA. All has been well, apart from the last couple of months where a swollen lymph node has been popping up and down in my left armpit. I have had no other issues, no pain or abnormalities in my breast, no fever or other sickness (that could cause glands to swell) I have tried to research what this could possibly be, and wondering if it could be a slow leak…..Would this be unusual so soon?? I've had no real injury, although I did fall over snow skiing a few months ago, but the swelling was happening before this fall. I have had an ultrasound and they couldn't see anything with that. I have booked in for an MRI next week and booked an app with my surgeon. That's all I can do at the moment. Just wondering if anyone has any experience or advice as to what it could be. I am trying not to freak out about it, but am open to suggestions as to what it is….. xx
  3. Thanks Lizzy Wow! Thanks for sharing - yes this does worry me and I need to make the right decision, being elective surgery and all. I have a young family that will suffer if anything goes wrong I do have private health insurance and I'm hoping to pick an excellent surgeon, I think paying that little bit extra is worth it for peace of mind and confidence in your surgeon. Thanks again x
  4. Sorry, ladies meant to ask this in the last post. How many days would you all recommend for your hospital stay after TT? I will be 3hrs from home and will need to get back home ASAP to my 4 little chickadees (purely because I will miss them-no housework, I promise!) Thanks!
  5. Hi Gorgeous ladies I had a BA done in September last year. All went awesomely! I am now seriously considering going through with a TT !! All VERY exciting ! After 4 large babies and countless attempts to flatten my poor stretched out skin on my abdomen….I have finally admitted to myself that it looks as though the only way to achieve a flatter stomach is to have the TT. But….I am so worried about what could go wrong! Am I being a total 'stress-head' ?? It is major surgery, and I worry about infection afterwards! For people who have gone through the procedure: Was this on your mind as much as it is on mine? Am I being silly? Is it only rare cases that get infections? Is it all worth it ladies????? XX
  6. Hi Ladies! I have had my BA nearly one month ago, and I'm now looking at getting a TT mid next year. I was hesitant about doing the TT in the start, because of my concerns with pain and recovery. So far, my BA recovery is going well and pain was a lot better than expected. So I'm wondering now if the pain is much different with the TT? Also, how many weeks is expected for recovery for a TT? TIA x
  7. It's up to you, if you really don't want to tell them, then don't. I went away for 2 nights to have the surgery with hubby. Didn't even tell my mum (who was watching my girls) When my girls saw I was hunched over, I told them I had a vomiting bug and had to take it easy. Anyone (family) who heard I had a vomiting bug left me alone for a week! I went from an a cup to a d cup, and no one has noticed at all.
  8. I have 4 girls aged 4 to 11. My husband and I made the decision not to tell them. For all those reasons mentioned above, and also that at this young impressionable age, they may not know how to process the information properly and they may doubt themselves, even if they say they understand. They have not noticed a thing. I would really like to tell them one day when I see the time fit, also I would completely support them if they decide to have a BA in the future. But for now, I don't want them to doubt themselves one bit!
  9. I have heard this happening to a girl - it was a couple of years out. Teardrop. This is the main reason I went with rounds.
  10. My stats are 168cm tall and 58kg. I was a 10/12 a/b cup. Had my surgery a couple of weeks ago. I got 360cc's mod profile unders. I'm currently a 12D and wish I went bigger! I look like a c cup If I had my time again I would go up 100cc's! I look no different to what I was before with my padded bras!
  11. I went with 360cc's and wish I'd gone bigger. I am 58kg and 168cm tall. I was an a cup. I'm measuring a d cup now (just 9days post op) but I look like a c cup. I didn't tell my mum either, nor family members! I was around them last night and of course no one could tell ! I actually look slightly smaller than with my padded bras! I'm seeing my Dr next week to see when I can go bigger. I had so many people tell me to go bigger, but I got scared. So I'm assuring you - you won't be upset going the bigger size. Regret is a hard thing to get over spending so much money.
  12. How did you do this?? It is truly a wonderful idea! I am having pain relief at night just to get to sleep upright!!
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