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  1. Hey Bigbooty! well i've had consults with both Mark Lee and Tony Connell now. I think i'm going to go with Mark Lee also. I was very impressed with both, but Tony Connell said he won't put an implant in me as he thinks i have enough breast tissue. I can fully understand his reasoning but i really want the fullness in the upper breast so don't think i will get the look that i want with him. its so tough making decisions!!!
  2. Hi Cara, Hope you don't mind but i have sent you a FR. Have you had any consultations yet? I am looking for the same surgery as you. I am currently a very saggy DD so i am looking to have a reduction, lift and implant to keep me the same size but give me the fullness i crave! I have contacted both Mark Lee and Tony Connell. I have a consult booked with Tony Connell on the 14th, i am still to arrange one with Mark Lee. I was due to have the surgery on the 2nd aug in Thailand but because I had a Pulmonary Embolism in 2007 the surgeon refused to operate on me. I would love to hear if you ha
  3. Hi John, Thanks for your reply. I'm waiting for the response from Restrored Beauty Getaways as to why I was not refused surgery straight after completing the medical forms detailing the PE. Trying to get the money back that I wasted on that trip too. I have spoken to many doctors about the risk of further PE just because I have had one in the past and they have all told me the sameā€¦ No I am at no further risk. I fully understand the surgeons reasoning for not wanting to do it because of the risk but Im sure i'm not the only woman in the world with this history! I asked him if
  4. Hi ladies.. Well I was supposed to be waking up this morning with new boobs, but I'm sat in Singapore airport instead flying home to Perth. Had all my pre-op checks done at BHP yesterday, passed with flying colours. Met with Dr Jib for him to say that he won't perform my surgery because I had a PE (pulmonary embolism) in 2007. This was a tiny embolism caused by trauma having my broken leg operated on. I'm absolutely fuming as I declared the PE on my medical form that was sent to him. He had absolutely no intention to operate on me (or anyone) with a history of PE. So all a waste of money, time
  5. OMG!!! 7 days time and i'll have new boooooooobs!!! all getting very real and close now!
  6. hey Squiddy! good tips about the cash card.. i'm off out to sort one tomorrow!! glad you and your mum are impressed with your results! sucks that your bra is sitting right on the suture line.. ooouch! xx
  7. oooooo soo excited to hear when you get the bandages off tomorrow!! what hotel are you staying in Squiddy? i'm booked into the Bursari (think thats how its spelt!) it's good that you managed to get out shopping today wishing you a speedy recovery!
  8. 2nd august!! soooo nervous and excited!!! if you have to have your nails off we can go get them redone in phuket when we're feeling up to it!!
  9. Hi Brighteyes, hope your surgery with Dr Jib goes well on the 17th! i'm booked in with him on the 2nd August, so please share any feedback! good luck!!
  10. hey!! i received my surgery plan through on email a couple of days ago, for bangkok hospital phuket. it stated that acrylic nails weren't allowed
  11. ooo good tip on the surgical tape! they didn't tell me that!! i bit the bullet and ordered some today, $150 for 2 sheets, but hey if they reduce scars then it's all worth it!! when will you get to see your new boobs!!?? bet you can't wait!!
  12. Hi Squiddy, glad to hear you're having a great experience!! definitely putting my mind at ease and can't wait for Dr Jib to work his magic on me!! The new Gel things are the silicone gel sheets that you stick onto scars to help minimise them? for an pair of anchor sticker things its over $100 so was just interested to see if anyone had used them, or if good old bio oil was just as good (and much cheaper!!) hope you get to leave the hospital soon and enjoy Phuket
  13. Hi Squiddy!! Hope you're recovering well from your surgery! Only other advice I'm after is if the new gel stuff is any good? And if taking out medical insurance is of benefit? Hope you're mending well and enjoy the rest of your stay in Thailand
  14. Hi Ferfer and Wog girl! I'm staying at the bursari in Patong so would love to catch up! Is there any way to private message on this site to give you my number?! See you soon ladies!!!!
  15. Thanks for the reply phuketpuppies!! Were you happy with your results?? I am a double D cup at the moment, but without a bra I can just about tuck them in my pants!!! So I'm not looking to go bigger, just to have them sit where they should without a bra!! Can't wait to get them done, but also nervous!!
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