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  1. I suffer badly with endometriosis and they gave me this to try. within 2 months I was taken off it as it turned me into a complete nutter, all I did was cry and had breakouts etc. I used yaz to control my period for my surgery and that seemed to work for. Best of luck with it all. Xox
  2. Mine was all included in the cost also. The only problem I had was that I took a pre loaded travel card with me locked in thai baht. They put the transaction through as australian dollars then of course by the time the conversions were done from thai baht to au back to thai baht which was a less rate than I locked in. I was stung a couple of hundred extra. The staff were very apologetic when we realised the mistake but by then it was too late to fix it.
  3. I bought all my dressings over there. The only thing I couldn't get was the steri strips, it probably wouldn't hurt to take some. :-)
  4. Hi, I washed my own hair the second day no problems. Got my husband to brush it for me, because of the humidity though straightening was pointless for me. Just wore it in a messy bun most of the time. :-)
  5. Dr Rushapol. I thrilled with my results.
  6. I booked directly with PIAC and had no problems. They were great, the hospital and staff were lovely. Couldn't fault at all. It was any easy process to book and the communication was great.
  7. Take a spare post op bra like the carefix brand. They were so much more comfortable!
  8. Melsey

    NIB Options

    Hi, I am currently in piac after having my BA yesterday. Cannot speak highly enough of the hospital and staff. I booked directly with them and chose Dr Rushapol. We are staying at Ban Thai resort, it's amazing and excellent location too.
  9. Hi, we are currently staying at the Ban Thai resort. Very nice rooms great location. Highly recommend!
  10. Hi Ladies, Just wondering how long after a BA were you able to resume water skiing? We ski every week in Summer and I am normally quite sore across the chest for the first few weeks. I am worried about resuming it too soon after the surgery, knowing how sore I already get.
  11. Hi ladies I bought the Anna care fix bra and have the Alice on order for after my surgery. I haven't worn them yet but have heard good things. :-)
  12. Thanks Melsey. How are you going? Are you in much pain? I just looked at my recommendation and I'm really confused now, he has put sub muscular on it. Its going to sound really dumb of me but how do I know which is which? Ive looked at so many boobie pics! lol Is the recovery different? I'm happy to pay more particularly if it looks better too. Thank you for the heads up ladies I really do appreciate it. )
  13. Hi wog girl. How are you feeling? So pleased your happy with them! ) Was the 1130,000 amount you were originally quoted? I have had mine booked for some time and the price is 115,000 for the dual plane. I'm a bit worried now it will go up when I get there? EeEK!!! (
  14. Hi Sassy007, I am having my BA next month with Dr Rushapol and booked directly with PIAC. My dad and his partner booked directly when they had their procedures also and had no problems. Dr Rushapol is very good at what he does. :-)
  15. That's right Whitey. Yes Dad was so lucky I thought also! I've added Melsy as a friend and saw her gallery... Just amazing! I'm very excited now. Wishing you both a speedy recovery! :-)
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