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  1. Nah I never had any pain, discomfort but no pain, I stopped taking the pain medication after a couple of days it made me feel *****. I continued antibiotics but no pain meds. I was out most of the days, just little walks at the start and very slowly and I got a lot of foot massages apart from that it was pretty easy, But I wasn't doing much, the hard part was when I got back to Aus and had to look afte the kids, I'm lucky I had the 2 weeks to heal with out picking them up. I don't know how other mums do it and go straight home to the kids.
  2. 5 weeks ago. I will say that whilst I was waiting in the hospital waiting room I met a lady Janet I think she has a business called Beauty Abroad she's based in the Gold Coast, she flys over to Thailand with her girls (thinks she takes a group over) and you all stay in the same hotel. She was very kind although I wasn't one of her clients she still rang me up and the following day after my procedure and we became FB friends. I have no idea of her prices or what she includes but I thought she was pretty cool very approachable.
  3. I got back a few weeks ago from Phuket, I had dr Naurapon. I'm very happy with my results so far. I had BA and BL with round HP 450cc textured, I don't have a complaint about the service. Maybe a Phuket as a whole They don't speak very good English But you can still get by pretty easily. Feel free to ask any questions. Good luck with everything.
  4. Hi, i booked direct through PIAC (now called PPSI) in Phuket, had a wonderfull surgeon and couldn't be happier with my results. The process was very easy for me, and the hospital give you all the info that you require (payment info, pre op info, what medication to stop etc) You can stay at any hotel bar a couple and the hospital pick you up and drop you off for all your appointments, they also pick you up from airport and drop you off. Goodluck
  5. Hi, I'm similar stats to you as well 162cms 58kgs, I had 450cc round under muscle (I went the biggest I could go) I had also breastfeed 3 kids so I had ZERO upper pole, I was fitting a C-D cup but like you was not filling it out. My boobs would fall out the top if I bent over or fall out the side of I layed on my side (disgusting). I love my new boobs although I'm only 5 weeks post op, I could go without a bra if I wanted to ?. I'm still not wearing any underwire so I'm not sure what they will look like when I put on a push up bra. I'm defiantly recommend going the bigger size you do lose quite a bit going under the muscle. Bellow is about 4 weeks post op. I had a BL and BA.
  6. I second dr N- he worked magic on me, I booked directly though the hospital (I think it's PPSI now) but any of the doctors that work there would be fantastic.
  7. Following this too, I'm only 4 weeks tomorrow, with anchor lift, so I'm interested too. ??
  8. Yeah there stretch marks, nah I had them from when I had my kids, I was 19 when I had my first son and was flat chested literally an A then I went to an E whilst breast feeding (I had so much milk) then I was left with all the skin. 3 kids later they just got worse and worse. The stretch marks have actually gone less noticble now that my skin as stretched out, my boobs were hidious before my BA & BL ?
  9. I had Dr Narupon (he was brilliant) I had BL and BA - left side anchor lift, right side lollipop lift. I got the biggest I could go 450cc he tried the 500 but could close the incisions. I also got round HP under the muscle. I let Dr N decide all that side of things all I said is I wanted round and as big as I could go. I was fitting into a C bra but it was literally just skin, I had zero upper pole, so I'm pretty much all implant. I love my results they have exceeded my expectations. They put me in a 36d which is a 14d, i have no idea what I be once the dropping and fluffing happens, here's hoping for a DD. But I don't mind I'm happy with a D, they look great with out clothes on ? I'm only 24days post op, so still very early days
  10. Hey, I just got back from Thailand, you will be fine to shower in the water they have water proof dressings of the incisions anyway. I was there for 16 days and at my last check up the day before I was due to fly out my Dr said I was allowed to sit in the pool. Just no actual swimming (freestyle etc). I stayed in a little hotel nothing fancy called Barame Hip- but I didn't spend anytime there except for sleeping. I was out during the day getting massages and looking around first few days I caught taxis and was slow to move but afte about day 5/6 I was walking normally -around Patong. I did stay 2 days in hospital though.
  11. Hey, thank you, I'm very happy I honestly didn't think I would get results this good. I'm over the moon, I got under muscle, left side anchor lift, right side Lollipop lift, HP. I did the surgery by myself then my cousin came 3 days later then she stayed 7days then I had another 5 by myself. I'm so glad she came not cause I couldn't do anything (I dressed myself, showered, walking around fine- straight after) it was more the mental side of things, for me I get homesick. So once the excitement wore off, I started feeling ***** and lonely, plus the medication made me feel loopy. So for me I was extremely grateful she came to keep me company. Iv heard of a few people getting post op blues but depends what sort of person you are. I was out most of the time anyway. I liked the fresh air. I stayed in a tiny little hotel called Barame Hip about 3 star. But I know a lot of people stay in the big resorts. For me I didn't want to pay for a place where I wasn't going to spend my time. But know plenty of girls that want the big resorts. To recover in.
  12. Hey @madisonL its going well. I'm about 3 weeks post op I'm just starting to experience morning boob but it's supsides very quickly (5min). I get to take my waterproof dressing off today and start with scar treatment cream. I'm extremely happy with them so far. They are quiet fat apart so I hope once they soften and drop i will be able push them together with a nice push up bra. I don't mind if there apart without a bra on. This is them the other day.
  13. Yeah I had 3 post op check ups 5 days 9 days and 15 days. Speak with the staff at PPSI. Iv heard of people leaving earlier. ?
  14. Hey, I found him lovely, very honest but didn't mind going big if that's what you want. I know a few people and they all said that he would go as big as they wanted or as big as he could fit. I got 450 round HP, lollipop lift one side and anchor the other. I was happy to let him make the decision about placement and what lift I needed, his the expert I just wanted to go as big as I could. I did stay the 16 days got back this morning. It was a long time away from home. nursing staff don't speak very good English (some do) but dr N does.
  15. Oh that's good, very helpful group
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