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    BA 17 February 2015 - 410cc Teardrop Mod Unders
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    Dr Layt 17 February 2015
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  1. Yes it does hurt, but you won't be doubled over in pain. More so to touch the area or moving in bed or sitting/getting up from a chair. I had thighs, knees, hips and ankles done. The bruising is the worst and the swelling is unpleasant.
  2. I had lipo on virtually my entire lower body and hips. I've gained most of it back now i reckon, in the areas i had it done I'm quite devasted tbh, however mines due to my heart medication. Since starting on it 2 years ago i've gained 10kgs. Seems to just have to look at food and put on weight
  3. Hi ladies, I haven't been on for a few months. Sorry to hear you needed a revision At last How are they now? Mine are fantastic - I LOVE them. They aren't high, don't look fake, are soft and perfect <3 I'm wearing 10F bras !!!
  4. Mine were similar pre op and now are in proportion. I don't think you need a reduction
  5. Don't get me wrong, i'm very happy NOT to have to massage
  6. I wonder why I was told not to massage? I have anatomical textured implants.
  7. I was on anti-inflammatory meds for over 2 weeks after mine - no alcohol with them. As long as you take it easy you should be fine.
  8. I've had a few and been pretty fine after with each one. For my lipo and BA I was out 6 hours which is the longest I've had and all I felt after was the shakes which settled with food and a warm blanket
  9. Anyone else not having a 6 week check up? I only had 3 appointments between 1-6 days post op and don't go back now until 1st June...
  10. Yesterday was 5 weeks post op Bruising is virtually gone now, just some light patches on my thighs. Most of the swelling is gone too, except for my ankles, they still look the same as before. My dr didn't warn me it will take at least 3 months for that swelling to go being so far down. I still have hard areas in my inner thighs and numbness to them and my lower back. Only 6 days until I can remove my compression garment for good !! Boobs are still fantastic - no issues there at all, scars are healing well. I would do another BA in a heartbeat. Would I do the liposuction again? Hmmm... probably not. I went to the gym for the first time on Friday just gone, but it was too uncomfortable wearing my garment under my gym clothes so I'm just going to wait until after next Tuesday.
  11. Propped up - about 5/6 nights. KILLER back pain. Then i reduced my pillows to 2, but still slept on my back. No back pain. I'm almost 3 weeks post op now and still mostly sleep on my back, but can sleep on my side for short periods.
  12. I wore the post op bandage for 6 days, then micropore for 1 week. Now i use stiltape (silicon) and change it daily, after my evening shower. I can't imagine wearing a bra without some kind of tape? My incisions are sore to touch still though.
  13. And the lady said it was contoured, but not padded
  14. Oh bummer, when I told the lady I was only 2 weeks post op she didn't say anything?
  15. Yes it has removable wire. My clinic nurse said any support bra without wire or padding was fine?
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