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  1. thanks lovely! And a happy boob day it sure was, i keeping running to the bathroom to take off the post op bra and have a look hehe
  2. thanks hun! It went perfectly and i'm actually feeling pretty lively!
  3. This is very true! Anything is better then what i have but the " wish i went bigger" posts seem to be more then the "wish i went smaller" posts
  4. Thanks heaps Mj, i did try the sizers and to be honest the difference was not super noticable but i think i will see if i can stop by with some of my clothes..although bigger would be awesome it made me a bit panicky (over 20cc's lol) but it was more so the way they may look. Since you are quite petite and 345 was perfect for you I think 365 may be the way to go. Luckily the surgeon said 380 was the max because of my skin(they felt wAaaay too big!) any more options i would have gone crazy!
  5. Thanks for the advice Indi! I do keep telling myself 20cc wont break my back. Your pics look great!! You must be so happy
  6. Hello lovelies!! I'm trying to decide between 345cc and 365cc xhp rounds. My surgeon has been great but i would just like to know if anyone else with similar stats has had these, if they are happy and if i can FR for pics
  7. Hey ladies i'm in october too! Going in on the 2nd of oct, still undecided between 345 and 365 xhp rounds! Either one is better then what i have
  8. I am booked to see him too! Good luck with your consult, I'm booked on the 4th of August...can you let me know how you go or if you have found anymore info? X
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